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Aug 7, 2008 02:19 PM

Best BBQ in Charlotte? First time visit next week [moved from Mid-Atlantic board

Most of my immediate family just moved north of Charlotte in Mooresville, NC a month ago. So, now I'm going to make a short unannounced 3 day trip down there next week and need to know where to eat!

Being born and raised in NYC my BBQ ventures have been limited but It's only forced me to learn how to smoke some bbq myself, however there's no substitution for the real thing, ofcourse.

I'm a fan of the vinegar based eastern sauce, my girl loves the mustard based version for her pork. I'm open to suggestions and will only have maybe 2 meal opportunities to cash in and get some grub, but I'm willing to drive out of the way if it's worth it.

Thanks in advance everyone!

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  1. While it's a bit of a drive from where you'll be I really like the Q Shack in the Ballantyne area of South Charlotte at Providence Rd and I-485. I usually always get the ribs and beef brisket but their pulled BBQ is very good as well. They make a real nice eastern NC vinegar sauce and also offer a housemade mustard sauce. There's also Mac's and Bill Spoon's but I think Q Shack is every bit as good if not better then both.

    1. I'm sorry to inform that Charlotte has the reputation for not having any of the good bbq joints in NC. That said, Bill Spoon's on South Blvd. has good eastern-style bbq . Since your going to Mooresville, you won't be too far fom Lexington where you can get Lexiington-style bbq (which is tomato-based). I personally prefer eastern-style, but Lexington bbq is good as well.

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        Thanks for the replies! I was sad to find out that Charlotte has a BBQ reputation that might be even worse than where I'm from up north! :GASP!:
        I could handle some Tomato based bbq, I read some of the older threads here on the area to hear of dismal misadventures but since I may take some fam out to Carowinds, a stop off for the Q SHack may be in order, thanks again!

      2. If you're like most people whose immediate family has moved to Charlotte, you'll be down here soon too. Believe me. Charlotte is not a BBQ destination, as IM pointed out. But there are a lot of terrific restaurants that have been discussed extensively on this site. My advice would be to find a few, some up in Mooresville, some close to or in uptown Charlotte, and start making yourself familiar with your future home. Good luck. And welcome.

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          I can't deny that the discussion has come up, The more and more time I spend up here in NYC, where I've lived my whole life, as 30 is creeping closer and closer the ideas of moving to SD, Atl or Charlotte have come up, it's no secret how good of a place Charlotte is, and has been growing and the cost of living up here is and has been way to much over the past few years, that mixed in with the fact my fathers second marriage and a flock of siblings that are 20 years younger than I am and then some, makes moving to Charlotte that much more enticing, but I am a foodie, big time, and this quick trip down there is definately going to tell me if the area is a place I could enjoy living in or not.

          Thanks for the tips SI.

          1. re: dnm3k

            Sounds just like me. NYC (Brooklyn and UES) girl until about 30. There's lots of good food and restaurants in the Queen City these days. And lots of foodies. Just do a search of lynnlato and godfatheroflunch. Or waitress. All three post regularly and are always interesting (and funny).

            1. re: southernitalian

              drive to lexington and go to lex #1 no matter what else you do.

              if that doesn't speed your relocation south i'm not sure what will :)