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Aug 7, 2008 02:18 PM

Downtown Toronto UK Expat Eats?

I'm looking to find some Scottish, Irish, and/or British eats downtown Toronto.
I need to stress downtown, as in, nothing north of Bloor Street or too far west of Bathurst or too far east of Yonge.
The food (and atmosphere) needs to appease a small gathering of expats from the aforementioned countries. Need an expat-friendly menu and environment.

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  1. I'm guessing that the key ingredients will be decent pints and simple dishes. The Irish Embassy seems to fit that bill with a pery pubby decor inside an old bank building just off Yonge downtown. Food is decent and well-made.

    If you want something less pubby, you could also try Starfish on Adelaide, for some very good seafood in a relaxed setting.

    I don't know your crowd, but most expats from that part of the world miss good curry more than snake and pygmy pie, so you could also try Aroma on King. Good luck!

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      There is also PJ O'Brien's that I believe is owned by the same person as the Irish Embassy. It was featured on Restaurant Makeover. I haven't been to PJ's, but it would be an option. It is located on Colborne St behind the King Edward hotel.

    2. I don't like the Irish Embassy because of the noise level. Especially in the early evening (after work crowd) it can be deafening, and I don't think that I should have to bellow at someone only a metre away.

      It depends on what you seek, and for when. My local, The House on Parliament (456 Parliament, just south of Carlton - five minutes by cab east of Yonge and Carlton/College), does a Sunday roast prime rib with mash, mix veg, and Yorkshire pudding (includes bread pudding for dessert, if you have room), which is quite good. Decent selection of wines and taps. Decor feels like the genuine article. Regulars are, erm, highly individual, but harmless.

      The regular items are pretty typical pub fare, but the special tend more in the gastro-pub direction.

      1. Nothing more Scottish than rooting on the Glasgow Rangers at The Madison, just on the north side of Bloor, East of Spadina. Typical pub grub, and it's where the Rangers Supporters welcome, or beware...hehehe. :)

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          But the Mad Ave is now just a labyrinth of rooms, largely charmless, and the food indifferent. I would be reluctant to recommend it to anyone other than a frat boy.