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Aug 7, 2008 02:14 PM

Tin Foil Wearing Celery

I recently read that Celery keeps very well in tin foil. That something in the foil specifically interacts with the celery to keep it fresh for longer periods of time. Is this a myth?

My initial reaction is not to wrap any fresh vegetable in tin foil.

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  1. I don't know why this it is true .. but it is absolutely true for celary. It keeps at least a month and longer ... though I haven't tested longer than a month.

    I learned this tip in the weirdest place. I was working for Charles Schwab as a project manager and the VP of IT (computer department) had a meeting. To keep us amused until everyone assembled, she had a Powerpoint sliide show with a bunch of tips ... cooking and non-cooking. I gave it a try. Bless you, whoever your where, it is one of the top tips I've had ... right behind berries in glass jars.

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      What's the deal with berries in glass jars? I'm intrigued... thx.

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        Strawberries will keep 2 weeks in glass jars. Raspberries at least a week. Here's more info

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        I am so excited! Since it's just me, I usually wind up buying single stalks at Safeway at an exhorbitant price because a whole bunch goes bad before I can use it! I'm buying hearts today! Thanks!!

      3. I haven't tried wrapping celery in tin foil, but I always wrap cucumber in tin foil and I believe that it keeps longer than wrapped in plastic (I buy the english cucumbers). Cukes are the only veg I keep wrapped in foil, will have to try this with celery.

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          Cucumbers are also good to keep in glass jars. I have some in the fridge that are three weeks old right now nad as good as when they were put in there. I'll try the aluminum foil for the larger cukes though. Thanks.

          I was wondering what else would work in foil.

        2. I brought home celery hearts about a month ago, wrapped em in foil....and forgot all about them. My housemate is coming back to Baltimore today, so I was cleaning out the fridge. Unwrapped the celery, and it was no longer good. Not rotted and slimy, as it would have been had I kept it in the plastic, but light green and rubbery. I will try again but put a note on the door to remind me it is there!

          1. It works, not sure how but ever since I saw the tip (think it was martha stewart's show) I've been doing it and they keep nice and crisp.