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Aug 7, 2008 02:07 PM

breakfast w/in-laws, Back Bay

mom-in-law has never been to Boston before; for her bday we are taking her for a weekend of serious tourism. we will be staying at the Westin in Copley Square. have dinners figured out (Hamersley's & Mamma Maria), lunch will be wherever we happen to find ourselves, but i was hoping to find something fun for breakfast one morning, other than just eating at the hotel.
DH and i went to Brasserie Jo this morning, and service was extraordinarily slow. not to mention that the table that got seated after we did, and ordered after we did, got their food first. if the in-laws had actually been with us, this would have been a Topic to Be Discussed and Dissected to Death, something we must avoid.
so i'm looking for something fairly close to the Westin (M&D are in good health but older, we don't want to drag them all over the place early in the morning), nice food, good service. can it be done?

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  1. If they are up for walking 4-5 blocks, I would suggest the Bristol Lounge at the Four Seasons.

    1. If they are up for walking 4-5 blocks, I would suggest the Bristol Lounge at the Four Seasons.

      1. You could walk over to Columbus Ave. and have the Charlie's Sandwich Shoppe experience, altho it's more of a diner. In the same vein, Steve's on Hereford St. And around the corner is Sonsie which might be the best bet. You could bop into Kenmore Sq. to Eastern Standard for bfast. And Game On serves it too altho I never see anyone in there early in the morning. Back Bay isn't the biggest breakfast place in the world.

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          Second Steve's. Probably the best of a really poor lot of choices in that neighborhood.

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            is Charlie's the place with no bathrooms?

          2. Stephanie's on Newbury street does brunch on sundays. nothing out of this world, but some good basics. It's a comfortable place with decent food, nice waitstaff, and it's close to your hotel.

            1. Since you will be here on a weekend, many restaurants serve nice brunchs on Sat and Sun. This is particularly true in the South End, about 4-5 blocks from your hotel. Why not combine breakfast and lunch with a nice brunch. Aquitaine does a nice job and has a good deal on Saturday ($9.95). Even Hammersly's is now serving brunch.

              I would not go to Stephanies. I would suggest Vlora on Boylston instead.

              569 Tremont Street, Boston, MA 02118