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Aug 7, 2008 01:45 PM

What's Missing for take out in Wellesley?

...So my question is (being new to this particular area) is what are the best take out spots in the center area? Also, what's missing? Is they're good pizza, bbq, or mex?? or is it needed in the area?

any thoughts??

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  1. Captain Marden's is the absolute best. We usually get the broiled haddock, but everything is fine. Pizza is a toss up. We like the spinach-and-feta from College Square Pizza. Linden Store is great for classic deli sandwiches (the chicken salad is especially tasty) and Tutto Italiano is great for Italian subs (especially the Sicilian). The spum noodles dish from Amarin's is another favorite.

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      I saw that california pizza ktichen was going in there (gasp!) but with figs gone maybe someone should do upscale pizza alla oggi in nyc...I also crave bbq and i dont see anything but blue ribbon which im not a huge fan of, but is decent.

      1. re: ellbell

        I have never had it but I believe Alta Strada attempts to fit the upscale pizza/italian niche.

        Amarin on Grove St is decent thai food.
        Agreed on Linden Deli but they close early (6:00pm during the week I believe)
        We typically head towards Natick/Framingham for most of our take out needs.

        1. re: Gordough

          its odd, wellesley to me should have the best of everything, but it seems fairly mediocre for the fast and easy category.....

          1. re: ellbell

            take out options are extremely limited and I was extremely disappointed to see that Qdoba and California Pizza Kitchen were going into the new Linden St. development. It's really too bad. How about a casual place to grab a good burger and a beer in Wellesley? Once place I left out is Yama who does serviceable take out and delivery sushi but nothing outstanding.

            1. re: ellbell

              Having lived in Wellesley for 30 years, we have found the residents fall into one of two categories in terms of dining-out preferences:
              1. Those who drive into Boston whenever they want to dine out;
              2. Those who say, when we tell them that we drive into Boston whenever we want to dine out, "You drive all the way into Boston just to eat????"
              And there you have it.

      2. Alta Strada is a big disappointment and certainly does not come close to replacing Figs. There are a few individual (small) pizzas on the menu, and the menu is very odd. Very little on the menu to appeal to kids, so not a family place like Figs. Amarin was awful last time we went. We take out from Captain Marden- the fish is excellent and well prepared but the sides are not good. A friend went to Marden last week and had lobster- she said it was excellent. Yama is very good for Japanese( cooked food, tempura etc is excellent- haven't had their sushi). I do not like the Cottage but must admit that we have taken out hamburgers from there a few times and they were pretty good. Pizza- depends on style you like. Bertucci is ok and there is a Stone Hearth in nearby Needham. I think LInden deli has gone downhill. Tutto Italiano is very good.

        1. The simple answer: most everything is missing! I have yet to find decent food for take out in Wellesley which seems ironic as it is a population that can afford to have good food. I find myself heading back to Natick for Ogas or to Sichuan Garden in Framingham instead. Both Thai places in Wellesley Center, Amarin and Lemon Thai are actually decent but they don't come close to the authentic quality of Rod Dee or Dok Bua in Brookline. I agree with the CHers that said it is such a disappointment that chains are moving into the Linden area.