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Aug 7, 2008 01:30 PM

Graduation Dessert

So my brother lives in New York, and owes me a graduation present. I decided to let him get me some NY desserts instead of buying some fancy electronic thing. My dad's meeting my brother in NYC and then flying back to Dallas, hopefully with desserts in hand. He has one of those freezer packs because he'll also be bringing back some Zabar's. All of this preface leads me to my question. What desserts should I ask my brother to get me? I want to keep it simple for him. He's going to be at Zabar's, so I don't want him to have to wander too far. I already told him to get me some Zabar's brownies because I love those. Does Zabar's sell slices of cakes or just whole cakes? If they do slices, are they good? I'd like to be able to tell him that he can get everything at Zabar's, I just forget what types of desserts they have besides brownies. If I were to get some slices of cake, I like carrot and cheesecake (also chocolate, but I think the brownies will suffice). I appreciate any suggestions.

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  1. First, I applaud what is most certainly a serious love for dessert. I would have certainly taken some fancy electronic thing.
    Second, try a slice of Junior's cheesecake....Good stuff and also give Ferrara's in Little Italy a try for an assortment Italian Pastries