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Aug 7, 2008 01:17 PM

The Frisco

There seems to be alot of attention given to the reopening of the Frisco at it's new location. History aside, how is the food?

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  1. It is typical diner fare, which wasn't a big deal when typical diners existed. Everythin I have had is solid, and I can't remember what you call it, but I love the eggs with chili on it.

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    1. re: El General

      Those would be the "decorated eggs" which leads me to wonder what the interior of the home the person who named them looks like.

      1. re: scrumptiouschef

        On the original menu they were called "Eggs Mexican". I always chuckled when I read that, because there wasn't anything "Mexican" about it.

        I have always liked the Frisco, although I think the atmosphere and the staff are what really make the place.

      1. re: bookgrrl72

        I was getting a haircut at Bird's yesterday, and the person cutting my hair claimed that they were open.

        I'd describe the food as mediocre diner food, but I like the fact that the cook's names and pictures are on the menu. Go for the nostalgia, and order safe comfort food.

      2. I had breakfast there yesterday and recognized several familiar faces. One was a regular from Nau's pharmacy, another a long term staffer from Jeffrey's. We had a fun three way chat reminiscing about dining in Austin over the last 60 years. I had a basic meal with a based egg, hash browns, toast and hot coffee. For me the attraction is the connection to a chain of history and culture. I get something similar from Nau's, Arkie's Grill, Dirty Martins, Hills, Tavern, Huts, House Park BBQ, the old Treadgills...

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        1. re: Paul Silver

          I finally made it out to the Frisco last night and really wanted to love the place since it's in my neighborhood. I must say have mixed feelings.

          The place was hopping! The long bar (and the mile high teased bangs on one bleached blond waitress) got me excited about diner fare. The place definitely looked the part. Unfortunately they don't serve breakfast 24 hours a day and the friend from NY I was dining with said this officially knocks them out of the running as a diner. Eggs decorated will have to wait for another day.

          Dejected I decided a piece of chocolate or coconut pie would hit the spot but alas they were out of ALL icebox pies and only had apple or pecan. I then asked for a milkshake but the ice cream machine was down. They did have grilled cheese so I settled on that along with my friend. Another dining with us went with the chicken fried steak.

          My grilled cheese, while adequate, was the saddest looking thing I have seen in a while. For 4 bucks I got a slice of tomato and a piece of lettuce filling up the majority of the plate. No fries or chips and no pickle spear (grilled cheese has to have pickle accompaniment in my book). In the future I will continue to go up the block for the same adequate plain grilled cheese from Top Notch for 2 bucks!

          I know this is not the best ordering I could have done so I will withhold judgment for the Frisco for now. The chicken fried steak our table ordered was lovely and the gravy fabulous. On our way out we passed a table with mounds of anglo-fied enchiladas reminiscent of those offered at DeWese's Tip Top Cafe in San Antonio. This is what I'm ordering next time!

          The service was fine but prices were a bit high (diner breakfast for 10 bucks). We'll see how breakfast or the enchiladas hold up next time...

          1. re: jackietreehorn

            i never ate at the old location. i've been to the new one 3 times the last couple weeks. i've sat at the counter everytime. i had a man twice and a woman wait on me the other time. the guy is horribly slow and can't seem to multitask. but i wasn't in a hurry any of the times so i just sat and waited.

            i liked their burger and onion rings. juicy thin patty. freshly fried rings. i'll be back for those. thought the biscuits and grave were avg at best. and tried the chicken fried steak. it was pretty good overall. i haven't really found a cfs in austin that i just had to have again.