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Aug 7, 2008 01:09 PM

Vitello's Express - Any info

I just noticed Vitello's Express Pizza at the corner of Woodman and Ventura in the old Orange D'Light space. Any info to share hounds?

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  1. Just search this board above next to the words "los angeles area", enter the word Vitello, and several posts will show which should offer all the info you need.

    1. Haven't tried it yet but I'm a little leery. A friend of mine looked into opening a restaurant at that spot a year or two ago but scrapped the idea once he was informed that he would be responsible for removing or "cleaning" the soil underneath and around the establishment before he could procede. It seems the soil is contaminated with perchloroethylene which seeped down from the dry cleaners next door. I drive by there everyday and have never witnessed any excavation. Maybe the soil can be neutralized without breaking the cement and asphalt around the place. Then again, I eat at Stanley's down the street and they're right next to a dry cleaners as well!
      I'll give Vitello's Express a try and report back. I'm asking questions first!

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        I'm also curious about that place called "BIG SLICE" on Ventura Blvd. in Sherman Oaks as well?

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          Re: Big Slice
          I had their pizza at a party several years ago. I didn't like it, but it's been there for a while now so maybe it's better. If you try, let us know!

      2. Already ordered in from Vitello's express and would not bother ordering again. Tasteless boring pizza. Pagliacci's or Big Mama's and Papa's Pizza will serve you far better. I passed by Fab's the other day and noticed they had in fact re-opened and I will be heading there next.

        1. Vitello's is so bad, I can't imagine wanting to have anything on their menu, be it express, standard or book rate.

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