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Best Mail Order Cookies

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I'm looking for some good recommendations on GREAT mail order cookies, which will be sent to clients. They do not need to be fancy in terms of decoration or presentation, as our clients are all very casual.

I've seen some recommendations for the Pacific Cookie Company, Dancing Deer and a few others, but wondered if there are others. The goal is REALLY good cookies. We want our clients to remember them and look forward to the next batch.

Thanks for your help.

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  1. One of my clients sent me cookies (3 boxes!) last year for Christmas from this company:


    They WERE heavenly. I will say that I didn't get to eat all of the cookies right away and froze some of them (as suggested) and they were not as good.

    I also LOVE The Christie Cookie based here in Nashville. We send out a lot of cookies from them and they are so easy to deal with:


    My favorite is the white chocolate macademia nut cookie.

    1. Hello:

      I once received box of these gourmet breads/cakes and cookies as a gift from a company I had dealt with as a Thank You gesture. They were AMAAAAZING!!!!! I've been hooked ever since. I am now sending them to people I know for Thank You gifts and Birthdays. I keep getting compliments from the people I send them to. This company makes an Ultimate Chocolate Overload cookie that is ridiculous! They told me it's one of their top "gifts" but I have been known to order them for myself :) Anyway all of their stuff is solid, I highly recommend them! They don't offer next day air or other shipping options and I needed to make sure something I FORGOT to order earlier got there in time and they were very accommodating about sending with expedited shipping. Although they do ship with FED EX for $1.95 which is pretty reasonable. Anyway check them out! In the past I have dealt with Art but typically I order right on their site. www.naturally-delicious.com

      P.S. If you don't put the "-" in the address it takes you to a company in NY who is not affiliated :
      )When I run into a company like this I like to spread the word because they are one of the BEST companies I have ever dealt with!

      1. Without question, the best chocolate chip cookies you will ever eat comes from Tate's Bake Shop in Southampton, NY. They are thin and crispy with magnificent flavor. You gotta try them. Totally addictive.