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Aug 7, 2008 01:03 PM

Need Advice for Chimayo, NM

We are going to be staying there one night next week on our way from Santa Fe to Taos, were planning dinner at Rancho de Chimayo but they are closed due to a serious fire last month. Any alternative suggestions not too far from Chimayo?

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  1. This is the first I have heard about the fire! I've been recommending Rancho de Chimayo to people for the last month and no one has said a word!

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    1. re: LikestoEatout

      They were probably the people who started the fire and wanted to keep their mouths shut! :)

      As far as the food at R d C goes, you're really not missing much. IMO, it's pretty mediocre. But sitting outside sipping sangria, on a nice day, is a nice experience. I'm not familiar with any other restaurants that are close, you will probably have to drive into Espanola.

    2. Ditto the above. R de C was pretty spectacular as far as the setting, but the last time we went we were so disappointed with the commercial-seeming food...

      1. There is Leona's which is across the road from the Santuario but I have never been. A friend who is a Chimayo Native enjoys it. I guess I have always been turned off by the ramshackle look to the place but I guess that's typical NM. Pretty basic menu.

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          We'd consider it but it's closed on Tuesday's and Wednesday's, which is when we'll be there. Is there anything in Espanola other than fast food?

          1. re: GaryK

            La Paragua in Espanola. Great New Mexican food as well as margaritas!

            1. re: grantham

              We've had mixed luck at La Paragua -- they definitely have consistency problems (the biggest bugaboo of rests, imo). Anyway, we had dinner there last week and it was mixed. I had a good relleno (in past visits, rellenos have ranged from outstanding to pretty bad) and a fair carnitas taco. My wife had chicken flautas, which she said were inedible (she ate about half of one). Plus the prices have gone up significantly -- you get a much better meal at Orlando's (Taos) for 1/2 the price. So, caveat emptor.

              Cheers -- Pete Tillman

              1. re: Tillman

                I'm sorry to hear you had a bad experience at La Paragua. We have been frequenting the restaurant for 27-plus years. There was a downturn when we understood the original owners had turned the restaurant over to their children, perhaps 15 year ago. The parents reportedly later took it back and we found the food improved. While we haven't been there as often in the last five years -- perhaps only twice a year -- they have a reputation, especially with us, for great quality tacos, and their menudo is awfully good. Have to admit no member of our family has tried the chicken flautas there or anywhere else, so can't comment on what they should taste like.
                We will return as soon as possible, as we make a trip for green chiles.