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Aug 7, 2008 01:02 PM

Best Italian in Vegas? Suggestions desired.

Okay, myself and a buddy are coming to Vegas for the Kings/Avs Frozen Fury game and are working on our dining destinations. We are staying at MGM and attempting a variety of options.

All told we have four Brunch/Lunches and Three dinners to fill:
Definites: Le Cirque and SeaBlue for dinners.
Definites: Bouchon, Burger Bar for Brunch/Lunch

Those things said, I'm still considering Carnevino, Table 10, Olives, Morels for lunch/brunch but am open to options.

What I do want, however, is our third dinner to be GREAT Italian. B+B, Valentino, Trattoria Del Lupo, and Rao's are all on the possible list.

Places I've been (and loved) in the past include Babbo, Otto, and Il Mulino in NYC as well as All' Angelo in Los Angeles. Actually, Babbo and Il Mulino rank amongst my top 5 meals all time (along with Gramercy Tavern, M at Miranova in Columbus Ohio, and Bourbon Steak in Detroit, MI).

I'm leaning most strongly to B+B since I love Mario's cooking, but I've also heard many that loved Babbo were unimpressed by B+B.

Thanks to all.

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  1. Italian: if money is not an issue, the best Italian is Bartolotta at Wynn. Il Mulino in vegas is very much like the New York version. B&B is very disappointing; uninspired cuisine with way too much salt. Valentino at times can be truly outstanding. Rao's is worth a visit but the food is average.

    By the way: Bouchon and Burger Bar have seen better days. They're running on the fumes of their reputations if you ask me.

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      I've actually been to Bartolotta and wasn't all that impressed.....very small portions and very high prices. Given, that was back in 05 before they started many of their current menu options. I've read amazing things lately, but with all the options in Vegas I don't know if I want to go back.

      WRT Bouchon, I'm going for the French Toast and the Frites. Burger Bar just seemed novel and my buddy is a BIG burger fan.

      1. re: jjo1953

        I second Bartolotta. Preparations tend toward the simple side, but are very good indeed. Whole fresh fish, flown in from the Mediterranean, is a great option if your wallet doesn't have a heart attack.

      2. I have eaten at Babbo a few times and B&B is not in the same league, Im not quite as harsh on B&B as some but if you have been to Babbo skip B&B.

        Bartolotta is on my to visit list and has had some good reviews from members I trust on the board.