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Aug 7, 2008 01:01 PM

Lobel's Roast Chicken

A week or two ago, when it was so hot, my husband craved roast chicken and I refused to heat the oven up to 550 degrees as is our wont. So, I suggested he stop by Lobel on the way home and pick one up from there, as the aroma wafting outside is always so enticing. A 2.25 lb chicken (yes, I weighed it) was about $20. I thought it was pretty good, my husband was less enthralled, and I think next time I'll remember to order one from Pio Pio instead!

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  1. Oh my! I have wondered how much their chickens are and will not be tempted in the future. FYI: The ones at Gourmet Garage are quite a bit less and pretty good (rosemary or adobo) but Pio Pio is the one to beat.

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    1. re: City Kid

      Yes, I thought of that post as a bit of a public service announcement!

      1. re: MMRuth

        Hi MMRuth,

        Based on your experience, who else have good roast chicken (something in downtown?)

        1. re: kobetobiko

          Check our Fairway--they offer several flavors. Not a bad supermarket chicken and its a bargain at $6.99.

          1. re: Ora

            I've had a Fairway one once at a friend's and it was quite good. Citarella on the UES also sells them, but I've not tried one, and, while I may well be wrong, I don't recall seeing a roaster in the 6th store. It's not something I've ever bought before, actually, so I'm not much help!

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              When I used to live on the UWS, I used to get Fairway's "Latin" organic chicken. The organic tasted a lot better than the regular one (juicier), and was only a dollar more. And if you went after 8P (which was all the time since I never got off of work until then), they took a dollar off all of the chickens.

              1. re: Miss Needle

                Citarella both East and West have them. Fairway is quite good.. but the fresher the better so the $1 off is not really a good deal

                1. re: msny98

                  Fairway's are good but Zabar's are better; our current favorite is from Malecon.

                  1. re: Striver

                    jefferson market roast chickens are terrific

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                      I second Malecon. I haven't tried all the others, but I prefer it to the Pio Salon (which I think is related to Pio Pio) near us.

        2. Boy, I wondered how much a roast chicken would cost there . . . .

          As for another suggestion, we like the roast chicken at Agata, on east 79th. We generally pull it apart and use it as a base for other salads and the like. Yet, we often go back to Pio Pio, and dunk that chicken in their great green sauce. Served with warm tortillas on the side its a great fast dinner.

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            What about the place with the roast birds diagonally across from Agata, on First Avenue north of 79th Street? They have chicken and duck and maybe other birds. I had a chicken years ago from there that I thought was good...

            I had a Fairway chicken last week that was okay..white meat was quite dry, though.

          2. Westside Market's are also quite good, especially for $4.99.

            1. Epensive, but beautifully wrapped, I am sure. :)

              1. Ok, this might get a bit off topic but, what about great fried chicken? Anyplace that you recommend where we can take out for a few folks? Nothing fast food like? Thanks

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                  Rack and Soul or Amy Ruth's--both a solid "good". Great would only be if my Mom fried some chicken.