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Any suggestions for a great whole roast chicken or BBQ chicken to bring home in west hollywood or the westside

I have been very unhappy with the prepared chickens I have purchased from Whole Foods. Any ideas where to get a tasty chicken... Has anyone tried the prepared chickens from gelsons or bristol farms?

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  1. I like Gelson's roast chickens probably the best of the supermarket chickens. In the past, I've gotten good ones from Pavillions as well.

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      I ditto both Gelson's and Pavilions. I like Gelson's cause you can buy just the breasts.

    2. Laught if you must, but Costco is my go to place for rotisserie chicken.

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        Can't beat Costco's roasted chicken-----> 6 samoleans

      2. Rotisserie chicken with garlic potatoes from the Monday Farmers market at Plummer park
        Fountain/Vista is delicious.

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          I will go there next Monday.... sounds like a great idea...... What time is the market open?

        2. I second Costco chickens. Not sure if this is too west for you, but Coppelia's in Culver City has pretty tasty rotisserie chickens.

          1. Zankou in West Los Angeles.

            Zankou Chicken
            1716 S. Sepulveda Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90025, USA

            1. Further on the westside - ReadiChik at the 26th Street Country Mart.

              Or else, Costco - those are great.

              1. agree with other posters who mentioned costco. they use foster farms birds and they are very moist and flavorful... inexpensive, too! another place that i like for rotisserie chicken, is california chicken cafe. it's on the pricier side, but i think it's the best chicken out of all the comparable chicken places like zankou and koo koo roo.

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                  Another point about the Costco birds is that they are bigger than the ones in most markets if that's important.

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                    Don't get me wrong, I like the Costco chicken too. I think I read in the Costco Connection that the chickens are either brined or injected to make them juicy and flavorful, probably doesn't make a difference since you aren't paying for them by the pound and they are a good value for the size.

                    Side note to the roto chicken popularity...many years ago before the popularity a butcher at a major supermarket told me they used old chicken (he didn't mean hens) for rotisserie chickens. I presume that's not the case anymore.

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                      They brine their chicken, which is a common cooking technique. Some people don't like the saltiness.

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                        After all the raves about the Costco roast chickens, I bought one recently, and it was way too salty and almost chemically-tasting for me (and I have a tendency toward salty food). Maybe I got one that had been over-brined, but it did not leave me wanting more -- I threw out most of it.

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                      I'm sorry, but I just can't get with California Chicken Cafe -- everything seems so overpriced there, I always feel like I've been ripped off. I used a newspaper coupon to get a whole chicken and a couple of sides at Koo Koo Roo a couple of weeks ago -- really appreciated the server behind the counter, who overfilled my side containers (good crusty mac'n'cheese) despite my discount, but the chicken got cloying after awhile -- I think it was overseasoned by a dominant spice, sage, and the skin wasn't crispy. At the risk of reopening the old controversy, gotta admit I'm a big fan of Zankou. Yes, their breasts tend to be a bit dry and the wings overcooked to hard nubs, but shred a bit of white meat along with some moist thigh and seasoned skin with a smear of the garlic paste inside a bit of the pita -- wonderful. And their whole chicken is by far their best value.

                      Anyone tried the little Mexican market on the north side of Venice between Sepulveda and Overland that advertises whole rotisserie chickens for $5.99?

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                        Nosh, I believe that's Coppelia's you're referring to... and yes, as I said in my post upthread, they sell a very tasty chicken. :) Not quite as large as Costco, but well seasoned with different herbs and garlic, I believe. If you go there, make sure to ask for some of their green chile sauce - it's delicious! The hubby and I get the chicken from Coppelia's with a side of rice and black beans and it makes for a nice meal.

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                          coppelia's has some pretty delicious baked goods, too!

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                          ccc is on the pricier side - $10 for a whole chicken, but it's really good. the skin is always nice and crispy and they manage to keep the breast meat juicy. i don't think kkr is any less expensive if you don't have some sort of coupon and, as you mentioned, they have a really heavy hand with the herb seasoning. i especially don't like how the skin on the bird is soggy and greasy. i've always notice their chicken pieces to be very small, as well.