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Aug 7, 2008 12:53 PM

Smoked paprika

Where can I purchase smoked paprika in the Washington DC area, specifically in Prince Georges County, MD?

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  1. I've found smoked paprika in every Safeway, Giant, ect. I've ever gone into. Although I live in DC, I imagine the grocery stores in PG County carry it too.

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    1. re: FlaHopper

      I've found it at the Giant in my area. Look in the McCormick Gourmet section.

    2. Are you looking for any smoked paprika or the spanish kind? If you want the spanish one, you will have to go to AandH store, which specializes in spanish/portuguese imports. I´ve never used the other kind but it seems fairly easy to find in regular supermarkets

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      1. re: cleveland park

        Canales has it.

        but you'll find better (hotter) at the Central Grocery in NOLA.

        (any excuse for a trip is valid)

      2. Penzey's Smoked Spanish Paprika is nothing short of extraordinary. I rarely sing praise.

        1. If you can handle the time factor in shopping the web, this is the best Spanish smoked paprika I know of:

          Next to saffron, a paella isn't paella without it! I primarily use the sweet. Beware of the hot! I've never tried the bittersweet.

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          1. re: Caroline1

            indulge the hot.

            little goes a long way, but...


            1. re: hill food

              Didn't mean to say I don't use hot paprika... I just don't use Pimenton de la Vera smoked hot... I use a combination of Pimenton de la Vera sweet smoked and Szeged Hungarian hot paprika. I could make your tongue curl up and wither away if I wanted to... '-)

              1. re: Caroline1


                I wouldn't even try to dare you. I have a good idea where I'd end.

                de la Vera is indeed good - I have some. but Chiquilin brand is the definitive stuff to look for.

                1. re: hill food

                  You know, our taste preferences are so very interesting. My first response on reading your remark about de la Vera vs Chiquilin was, "Is he kidding?" And then I immediately realized that you could think exactly the same thing about my preferences! As ever, I'm fascinated with what predisposes each of us to our likes and dislikes where food is concerned.

                  Logic says that just as we start life with the HUGE task of teaching our bodies how to walk, talk, and not potty on the floor, we also must go through a learning process of some sort with taste and our personal perceptions of taste. Did someone offer us something bitter or salty or sweet too early in life and send our preferences off on an avoidance track? And then there is how an individual's taste buds percieve things like "piquante." One person's too hot is another person's just right.

                  So the long and the short of it is that I have used Chiquilin, tho a long time ago. And for me, it was good -- very very good -- until the first time I tried de la Vera. And I'm talking exclusively the sweet smoked versions of each. For my mouth, de la Vera has a rich back flavor that doesn't talk to me loud enough in Chiquilin. But taste buds can change... Maybe I should try it again?

                  1. re: Caroline1

                    C1: quite true, everything is relative and I would have been more precise had I said "my definitive"

                    too few people observe the unavoidable shades of gray these days.