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Aug 7, 2008 12:50 PM

Any suggestions for a great whole roast chicken or BBQ chicken to bring home in west hollywood or the westside

I have tried Whole Foods chickens and they are really tasteless. Suggestions for a good quality chicken tastefully prepared would be very much appreciated. Anyone taste the prepared chickens from Gelsons or Bristol Farms?

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  1. Gelson's is good. Try it.

    1. Monday Plummer park Farmers Marker- Fountain/Vista. Delicious rotisserie chicken.

      1. When I have to bring whole roast chicken home for dinner I think that California Chicken Cafe is FAR superior to any supermarket chicken. Plus, the roasted onions/potatoes are really tasty!

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        1. re: yinyangdi

          CCC ootatoes are indeed excellent (I also love the cabbage salad) but I don't agree that the chicken itself is so much better than what's available at supermarkets.

        2. california chicken has a great and affordable roasted chicken to bring home, great sides to.

          1. What about the roast chicken at Costco? You get a jumbo roast chicken for $5.99 that is really quite good.

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            1. re: Baron

              Good call -- rotisserie chicken at Costco is excellent.