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Aug 7, 2008 12:39 PM

Aloha Sushi

Anyone been to Aloha Sushi in Mt. Vernon yet? It was in metromix...

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  1. After reading that article my wife and I went last Monday after having a drink at Brewer's. We didnt get there until 8:30pm on a Monday. With that said, we were the only people in there. Just us and two servers. Crappy 80s music playing and a TV over by the bar with O's game on, we opted to sit by the window. They gave us a small ginger salad and Miso soup on the house to start. Sushi was average. Can't remember everything we had, but I know we had white tuna sashimi, salmon sushi, and a few specialty roles. I also ordered the Spider Roll (softshell crab) based on the Metromix review of sort of liking it. Overall I wasn't impressed, sushi seemed average, and the Spider roll was covered in Roe, too much for my taste.

    Not sure if I would go back, probably not considering Minato and XS are just blocks away. See pic attached of our meal.

    1. Aloha Sushi on Charles is one of the better sushi bars in Balto. I went last week and had dollar sushi, which was excellent, and twofer one Sake's from 5-7p, which I think is every day they're open. We were not the only ones there. In fact, it seemed very popular with the Univ of Balt crowd-- lot's of couples and students doing their "law school" homework. Fun! The staff was very friendly, albeit with some language barriers. But that said, I'm going back tonight . . . to get my dollar fish on!!