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Aug 7, 2008 12:28 PM

Requesting Teaneck update

Is Pasta Factory pretty much as it was a year ago? The back room accomodated a large group for Sunday lunch, but the food and service were mediocre (not nearly up to the quality of a previous Saturday night audition).

I have to plan another Sunday lunch in the area for about 30 people and wonder if there's a better choice. Some folks on this board have referred to Piccanti but there are no Chowhound reviews - just one online review on another site saying that the food was terrible. How does it compare to Pasta Factory?

Any other area suggestions? Are there any traditional dairy menus in the area? It's easier to get a kosher pizza than a blintz these days! But even a nice, sit-down pizza and salad place could be okay - or a meat restaurant. Thanks!

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  1. Piccanti is closed. I would have recommended Jerusalem of Gold, but it also closed recently. Shelly's has a traditional dairy menu but mediocre food and service.

    You might want to try Smokey Joe's if BBQ is acceptable. There are plenty of reviews on this site. People either love or hate the food but everyone generally agrees that the service is very good.

    1. We have had two excellent meals at the Pasta Factory lately. The pasta dishes were really tasty and interesting, as was the fish. I agree that the service is not always great, but it is the only good dairy place to bring a large crowd and have a really good meal in Teaneck.

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        We enjoy Pasta Factory. Everything that we've ever had there has been delicious . The presentation is as good as the food. The service is sometimes problematic ,but never bad. All in all, it's a wonderful restaurant.

      2. I agree with your assesment of the Pasta Factory. I was at an event in their party room and I thought the service was o.k. but the food was really bad and not worth the cost at all. Personally, for dairy I like shelley's better but I don't think they have a party room. Rabica has a deck and decent food, which could be nice in the summertime if you want dairy. I had a party upon my daughter's birth at Perfect Pita in Fair Lawn (about 10 minutes from teaneck). It's a middle eastern meat place. I liked the food and they gave us their whole dining room which was newly renovated and really beautiful. This was the best option I found and the party was great. The food was great and there was enough room for everyone. I would recommend it.

        1. I would not recommend the pasta factory to anyone. The manager (or perhaps he's the owner) is an extremely rude individual, the food is overpriced and not very good and the service is terrible.
          We went in one evening looking for a table for two, and were fully prepared to wait. We waited 15 mins, no-one came to take our name for a reservation and finally i approached the desk where the manager was standing.
          He looked at me and said 'See that girl over there (pointing to a clearly frazzled, rushed off her feet waitress)? She is the one you are waiting for.' Which was fair enough, and would have suited me fine, had he not then proceeded to come around the back of the desk and ask every other person waiting if they were being helped and taking names of people who came in after us to seat before us, whilst completely ignoring my husband and I.
          We ended up walking out, and having a much nicer and cheaper meal at Rabica, which I think is the best dairy restaurant in Teaneck.

          1. If you are really quiet, you can hear the sound of hopes dashed at the Pasta Factory. Mediocre food, lousy service. Has a Manhattan atmosphere and then they screw it all up. Sad. Someone in Teaneck should do pasta right and do it nicely.