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Aug 7, 2008 12:18 PM

Flounder at Jo Jo Taipei?

I was thinking of getting some takeout from Jo Jo Taipei and had read good things about the flounder filet (Phoenix review). Has anyone tried it? Any other suggestions for a really good meatless entree there (fish/seafood ok)?? I'll be sure and report back!


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  1. Eggplant with basil - yum yum yum! (See comments from myself and Barmy on other threads about Jo Jo Taipei.)

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    1. re: Allstonian

      Oh, that sinfully delicious eggplant.....sigh.

    2. The 3-cup tofu is really really good.

      1. Don't miss the cabbage with garlic sauce. I found the eggplant with basil to be underseasoned (similar to MuLan's version) and not nearly as exciting as the Taiwan Cafe or Shangri-La versions.

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        1. re: Luther

          I admit that I haven't had the eggplant with basil (or any other dish) at the other restaurants you name, but I've had it at Jo Jo Taipei three times and it has been quite delicious and has not seemed underseasoned.

        2. ok...reporting back. I wanted to get that eggplant, but my DC isn't big on eggplant these days. So I went for the flounder and the chinese watercress w/garlic. Both were excellent. The fish was impeccable fresh and lightly fried with a great sour chili sauce.. YUM! The greens were in a milder white sauce w/lots of garlic slices. Very good. I also got a scallion pancake which was fine...but since this was takeout it was a little greasy. I should have known better to get it as takeout, but I couldn't resist. Still very tasty and crunchy.

          I'll definitely be returning and trying the cabbage and eggplant!

          Thanks all!

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          1. re: Science Chick

            And thanks for the report! It'll get me back there sooner then I thought I would! (Ate there twice in one week and thought that would hold me for a while...)

          2. I'm pretty sure the watercress on the menu does not refer to the western variety I'm familiar with, but can anyone tell me if it's sweet or bitter? The cabbage I had at Jo Jo was lamentably too sweet for me. As a fun aside, they made me eggdrop soup the other day by request when I was one of two tables in the house :) How nice! It was really good, too.

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            1. re: twitchology

              "Watercress" on a Chinese menu almost invariably refers to hollow stem vegetable (aka kang kong aka 蕹菜). I think I can remember a single occasion that a restaurant actually served watercress when this was promised. Hollow stem vegetable is generally not at all bitter.

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                as luther as said, this water vegetable that they call 'chinese watercress' is NOT bitter at all. it is not as strongly flavored as 'American watercress'(my Love does not care for the 'american' so much; but he adored the 'chinese' at shangri- la the other night. the manager brought me it out for me to see-raw uncooked , and I think . The plant is about 12- 14" long, with 3-4" long narrow arrow shaped leaves, and hollow stems, and I think I recognize it as similar to a water plant i've seen in ponds. ) anyway, it is just lovely; a new fav for us. All the other Chinese restnts have served me the 'american' watercress (smaller plant, thin stems like parsley), but they have not been Taiwanese places....