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Aug 7, 2008 12:04 PM

DiMio Pizza in Porter Square Morphing into Stone Hearth Pizza

Not major info, but DiMio was closed for renovations all of July. Brown paper is still up on the walls and paper signage now says Stone Hearth Pizza.

I assume this is another branch of the Belmont outpost. I've been to Stone Hearth in Belmont ages ago, but I remember it as a similar experience to DiMio.

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  1. Yes--I walked by the restaurant yesterday (8/21/08) and spoke with one of the men working on renovations in the store. DiMio's owner apparently decided to close the place, and the space will be reopening in a few weeks as a branch of Stone Hearth, which currently has outposts in Belmont and Sudbury. Does anyone know if the owner of DiMio's is affiliated in any way with Stone Hearth? It's a real pity to lose this restaurant; I live elsewhere, but my parents and other family members used to go frequently, and we were all looking forward to DiMio's reappearance.