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DiMio Pizza in Porter Square Morphing into Stone Hearth Pizza

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Not major info, but DiMio was closed for renovations all of July. Brown paper is still up on the walls and paper signage now says Stone Hearth Pizza.

I assume this is another branch of the Belmont outpost. I've been to Stone Hearth in Belmont ages ago, but I remember it as a similar experience to DiMio.

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  1. Yes--I walked by the restaurant yesterday (8/21/08) and spoke with one of the men working on renovations in the store. DiMio's owner apparently decided to close the place, and the space will be reopening in a few weeks as a branch of Stone Hearth, which currently has outposts in Belmont and Sudbury. Does anyone know if the owner of DiMio's is affiliated in any way with Stone Hearth? It's a real pity to lose this restaurant; I live elsewhere, but my parents and other family members used to go frequently, and we were all looking forward to DiMio's reappearance.