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Aug 7, 2008 11:52 AM

Cafe Mundi for breakfast?

What should I order at Cafe Mundi for breakfast?

FYI - I just called and they confirm they serve breakfast all the time!
(Hours of Operation:
Monday - Friday 7:30 AM to 10 PM
Sat - Sunday
8 AM to 6 PM


How does Cafe Mundi compare in quality of breakfast to other places who serve breakfast beyond 11am on weekdays?

Other places that serve breakfast past 11am include:

Bouldin Creek Cafe (Had a delicious Inner Beauty Omelet in the past month.)
Kerby Lane (haven't been back in 2 yrs)
Joe's Bakery (Really liked their chips. Migas were good, on the hot side. Went once last year.)
Cafe Java (Sometimes friendly service, sometimes rude. Avoid the grumpy female with brown hair.)
Trudy's (Migas too greasy / cheesy)
Nuevo Ondo (Only had soy milk, not regular milk. Soy milk makes me quiver. Very hot inside.)
Galaxy Cafe (Liked the coffee best. Predictable in-and-out turnaround; good for on way to airport.)
Jim's restaurant - Crave their pancakes. I want one now.

I need to be 'at work' 1 week of each month +13 to +15 hours ahead of Texas time, love good breakfasts, so I always get a thrill by finding places that serve decent breakfasts outside of standard hours.

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  1. Never been there, but looks like they're pretty focused on liquids. The actual breakfast food menu looks awfully boring & limited to me. Who knows though, could be good, let us know.

    1. Nab, I loved Cafe Mundi!

      Started with an Iced Latte. It had a rich, full-bodied, bold-but-not-burnt coffee flavor. Many iced lattes taste watered down, and at the other extreme, a'burnt' coffee taste is always a risk. Best iced latte I've had this year.

      Then, following a bit of a wait, breakfast arrived. I'm not sure if I see what I ordered on the online menu. Essentially it had the form factor of a frittata with cheese, onion, spinach. However, I think it was actually "scrambled eggs" of some kind on their specials menu. Scrambled egg purists would object to the name, as it was definitely more frittata-like. But it was still delicious, moist, full of flavor, with just the right amount of cheese. The foccacia was fresh and a welcome change to typical breakfast breads.

      Random notes:

      - VERY nice person behind the counter

      - All of the conversation from the other customers seemed to focus on Austin politics. Cap Metro, LCRA, Gov. Perry discussions were at almost every table.

      - Waffles only on weekends. (why don't they put that on their website?)

      - They do not have bacon. I noticed this on their menu and therefore didn't visit them for a while. However, it's rare in Austin to find bacon prepared well (crispy but not burnt, and not mostly just big gloms of fat, and with some smoke flavor). Did not notice the missing bacon.

      - Would have taken me longer to find it without a GPS. When you turn onto that stretch of East 5'th, you are driving right next to the railroad track on what feels like a road to nothingness. Ms. GPS kept insisting I was headed in the right direction or I would have turned around, convinced I had turned too early or late. However, suddenly the Cafe Mundi entrance opens up on the left. If you're a vinyl fan, there is a LP store adjacent.

      - They run their air conditioner! After being in a plane, eating in a hot humid restaurant is just ick.

      - It is so RARE to find a place that serves a very good breakfast during the week past 11am. Thanks Cafe Mundi!

      Cafe Mundi
      1704 E 5th St # 100
      Austin, TX 78702
      (512) 236-8634