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Aug 7, 2008 11:45 AM

Syracuse Kosher

My colleague is attending a three-day training session for work in Syracuse, N.Y. and is looking for kosher food. Any suggestions?

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  1. I would check with the local chabad house -

    1. The Wegmans grocery store in Fayetteville, NY right outside Syracuse has a kosher deli. IIRC they also have some kosher prepared food.

      Here's a link to their website:

      phone # is (315) 446-1180.

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      1. re: katyana27

        Check with the store to make sure the standard of kashruit is such that your friend will find it acceptable. There have been issues with really lax standards at other Wegmans in the past.

        1. re: Prettypoodle

          Uh oh, I didn't know that. Do you have a link or any more information?

          1. re: katyana27

            I don't recall all the details but I know of a Conservative congragation that didn't feel that their local Wegmans met their standards. It was rather sad too as it would have been a nice addition to the community.

        2. re: katyana27

          I was just there and it's not under any rabbinical supervision. They use some Hebrew National beef products.

        3. The Oaks, part of the jewish Home has excellent food !! Strictly kosher. Eat in the restaurant or order to take out. We bought some dinners for a working meal including some strictly kosher people. It was very good.