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Aug 7, 2008 11:42 AM

Enzo's on the Lake for client dinner?

Hi Hounds!
I'm looking for a place in the Orlando area that could handle a client dinner with about 20 people.
I took about a dozen clients to Enzo's on the Lake back in 1989 and we had a fantastic evening.
I'd be curious to hear from you guys on whether Enzo's is still up to snuff and would be an appropriate place to impress my clients, most of whom are from DC, Richmond and SW Virginia. We'll be attending a conference in Orlando, so I'll probably rent a small bus/van to ferry them from/to the convention center area, so transportation is not a concern.
If you have any other suggestions, I'd appreciate hearing them as well.

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  1. I've gone there for the last two Valentine's Days with my girlfriend, and it is still very nice, picturesque, and romantic (if you're into that sort of thing). They had valet parking both times I've been there, but it may just be because they were extra-busy for Valentine's Day.

    1. i just booked a business dinner there a few weeks ago, and it was perfect! you can request your own room; allows you speak freely on confidential matters, as well as escape the sounds of other diners. it's also nice to have the gardens to mingle about with cocktails before dinner is served.