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New Restaurant


There is a new restaurant on Bishop Street

Oyster Shack
1242 Bishop Street

IT has great food

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  1. Okay. Could you elaborate a little bit on the food and how great it is? Presumably they serve oysters, but what else? Are they open for lunch?

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      It was reviewed by Sarah Musgrave in the Gazoo 2-3 weeks ago.

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            Thanks I just read the review. I would love to check it out! Will report back if we do.

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              OMG. Clam chowder poutine. They don't say whether it's New England or Manhattan-style, though Emmenthal would argue for the former. I think I'm going to be ill...

              1. re: carswell

                Couldn't be worse than the seafood poutine at feu Ail Y'ail Y'ail, which AFAIC was a terrible waste of seafood.

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                  Ms. Musgrave indicates the chowder has "an excellent cream-to-clam ration". (Perhaps she meant ratio.) I take that to mean New England style chowder. Funny, I asked specifically about the Chowder Poutine earlier and it looks like the Moderators deleted my post. Maybe they thought I was kidding. :)

        1. Catherine Macpherson in this weeks Hour gives Oyster Shack a less glowing review than the one in the gazoo.


          Kinda confirms my fears about the place, though.

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            But she also recommended Le Mondial Gourmand on the radio this week.

            Wouldn't that make her review sort of like a double negative?

          2. What other new (fall) restaurants have recently opened in Montreal that are noteworthy?

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              This thread is pretty comprehensive. Restaurant Openings - 2008: