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Aug 7, 2008 11:22 AM

Foodies Moving to Boyds - help

My husband and I are moving from Arlington to Boyds this weekend and are nervous about finding good restaurants in the area. We love everything from fine dining, to all ethnic food to gastro pubs to diners. Any recommendations would be greatly appreciated. We are also on the lookout for good local markets, organic and otherwise.

Thanks so much!

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  1. Although I don't know the names of the restaurants and I have not been to any I have heard that there is a restaurant revival in downtown Frederick MD with about 10 restaurants that may be of interest to you. I recently googled restaurants Frederick MD for a friend and was impressed with some of the menus and reviews.
    you also can bite the bullet and drive into lower Montgomery county, Rockville Town Center, The Kentlands and Kings Farm for an abundance of restaurants

    1. Go to Frederick! The Tasting Room is wonderful. There's a Spanish place that's quite good as well but the name escapes me. Nice tapas. You'll like the Frederick attitude -- people are still very friendly!

      1. There is a lot going in in Frederick,for instance

        Bryan has returned to his hometown.The credentials of all the staff is impressive.It is a beautiful setting.The mansion,menus etc are wonderful.A real treat.

        1. I don't know of any dining in Boyds per se. You're probably equidistant between Frederick and Rockville.

          For a small town, Frederick has a decent restaurant scene with the added plus that it's a quaint, picturesque place to visit. It doesn’t have much of an ethnic dining scene. For that, go to Rockville. Here are some of the best restaurants in Frederick:

          TASTING ROOM: widely regarded as the best in Frederick. The food is very good and it is the trendiest and hippest place in Frederick. It is also very LOUD. If you’re into good food, trendy and loud, it’s your place.

          ACACIA: my favorite upscale restaurant in downtown Frederick. Very good fusion-style food in an intimate setting that promotes conversation.

          THE ORCHARD: my favorite casual restaurant in downtown Frederick. Their forte is very fresh, natural ingredients. Salads, soups and stir fries are standouts. Their Sesame Vinaigrette is the best! Great lunch spot.

          MONOCACY CROSSING: located way south of the city on Urbana Pike, it’s the closest to you.

          ISABELLA'S: a decent tapas place. Café Atlantico, it’s not. But then, it’s a lot cheaper! Good drink deals during happy hour.

          VOLT: This is the newest upscale restaurant in downtown Frederick, having opened just 2 weeks ago. A lot of money has gone into this restaurant. I haven’t been nor do I know anyone who’s been. The chef is from Charlie Palmer in DC.

          For Farmers Markets: I love the Saturday morning farmers market in Frederick. I moved to Rockville from Frederick a year ago and I haven’t found a farmers market here that I like as well.

          West Frederick Farmers' Market
          110 Baughman's Lane, behind Medical Center
          Saturday: 10:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. May 10 - November 22

          1. I'm surprised everyone is sending you to Frederick from Boyds! Are you by the Soccerplex? That's like 5 minutes from the Kentlands. Anything in Gaithersburg and lots of Rockville is within 20 mins, so you can do a search. Here are some threads to get you started:

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              Well, she DID say she wanted good restaurants! Boyds is north of the soccerplex. Besides, the usual suspects in G'burg, Germantown, and Rockville have been covered pretty well at various times. The Kentland restaurants are okay but don't compare to some of the nicer spots in Frederick.