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Aug 7, 2008 11:06 AM


Anyone know where I can get some (for recipe use)?

I'll go anywhere the MTA goes; my starting point is downtown Brooklyn.

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  1. hmmmm I believe Dean and Deluca used to carry them sometimes, but this was a while back. Dunno about Gourmet Garage.

    1. Saturday Greenmarket in Union Square. The vendor that sells all of the baby greens and sprouts usually has them.

      1. You could also try growing them, although they're quite tricky and delicate. Get plants, not seeds, and expect to have a hell of a time with bugs. There was a seller at the Union Square Greenmarket earlier this year, but I don't know if they're still available...

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        1. re: Harlan

          We've actually found that they are fairly straightforward to grow from seeds. In order to get them started faster, you can soften the seeds by putting them in wet paper towel for a few days.

        2. Thanks all for the replies. Greenmarket today was a no go. One vendor told me they're only sold in May, another said September. So apparently today was not my nasturtium day.

          I actually did try and grow some in the late spring (from seeds) but a weekend away killed them off. They seemed to be great growers, though - wish I'd tried again! I'll try the paper towel trick next time, though - thanks for the tip!

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          1. re: xariana

            I've had good luck growing them as well, and I have a seriously purple thumb.
            The greenmarket in Ft Greene on saturdays has a plant vendor who generally has a lot of nasturtiums planters already blooming. Might try there?

          2. fruit vendor in chelsea market always has edible flowers, mostly Nasturtiums.