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Aug 7, 2008 10:23 AM

New Indian on 74th Street, JH...

Anyone tried this new (and pretty) restaurant near Roosevelt Subway Station? They don't have a menu posted in the window.

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  1. It's called Delhi Heights and you're right - it's very pretty. There's even a full bar. I haven't tried but I did look at the menu - it's standard Indian but also has an Indian-Chinese section with stuff I haven't quite seen before - like "chicken singapore style" and "chicken hong kong style". Also has a snacks section. Nice addition to the neighborhood.

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      1. re: yt28

        Is there a known website for the place with a menu, couldn't find anything via google. If someone has a menu, could they check for me, and post url,? Thanks

      2. It is modern and beautiful. The menu is huge. the prices are <15 in general. pretty good for such a nice place.
        I agree with yt28 that it's a nice addition for the neighborhood. really classing up little india.

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        1. re: Jeffsayyes

          Another new opening is next door to Afghan Kebab at 74-41 37th Ave which is serving Nepalese, Indian & Tibetan. They're only serving Buffet which can be seen at the window for $9.95. It's been doing a brisk business. Yet another Indian restaurant scheduled to open soon is Mehfil located across from the MET Supermarket (formerly Baskin Robbins).

          1. re: Mike V

            the buffet looks pretty good, though i haven't seen any sign of anything Nepalese or Tibetan on it....will have to check it out this week....

            1. re: david sprague

              David, I noticed about an hour ago another NEW Opening at 74-15 Roosevelt Ave called Shangri La. They have Indian, Pakistani, Bengladeshi, Chinese, Napalese and Chat. Buffet Lunch is $7.95. The rear of the Restaurant is 73rd Road which is Take Out. I looked at the Menu Board and prices seem very reasonable - Ex: Chili Chicken $6. However, in the Main Dining Room I expect that prices are much higher. For Lunch, I like Nanking at 72-23 37th Ave (Chinese, Thai, Mughlai). Really nice sit down restaurant with above average service and very good food. 40+ choices for lunch at $6.95 which includes soup. The vegetarian Hot & Soup is very good and spicy.

              1. re: Mike V

                Hi Mike V,
                What is good at Nanking, tried to get there last week and didn't make it. I started my vegan diet again, is there anything there that could pass for low fat?

                1. re: janie

                  Janie, the Chinese & Thai side of the menu has 15 Vegetarian choices which includes vegetarian hot and sour soup or sweet corn soup. The Mughlai Menu has 4 choices each day Monday thru Friday which includes Naan or Roti plus Basmati Rice or Pulao (No Soup). You have many choices. I've only had Non Vegetarian dishes like chilli chicken, hakka chilli fried lamb, basil chicken and chilli shrimp.

                  1. re: Mike V

                    are the chili shrimp heavily coated with a sauce, and are they a pretty decent size? Deveined?

                    1. re: janie

                      I've never had the Chili Shrimp but I plan to have it on the next visit which could be today (Thursday). I'll post again hopefully this afternoon.

                      1. re: janie

                        Janie, I just returned from Lunch. The Chilli Shrimp dish is outstanding. I couldn't believe that for a lunch special the dish has 6 very large shrimp (close to Jumbo). The shrimp are very lightly coated and deveined. Excellent sauce which went nice on the Jasmine Rice. This is the best dish I've had at Nanking and they've all been good such as chilli chicken, chicken manchurian, basil chicken, hakka chilli fried lamb, lamb ginger. You have 42 dishes to choose from so I'm certain you'll find low fat options. The shrimp & lamb dishes are $1.00 extra or $7.90. The Chilli Shrimp on the regular menu is $10.99 and I can't imagine it being more than 6 large shrimp but I'll know soon since I plan to order this (take out) over the weekend. The lunch comes with sweet corn or hot and sour soup. A bargain at either $6.90 or $7.90. Very nice atmosphere and very attentive/pleasant service. It has become one of my favorite restaurants in JH's. I haven't hade any vegetarian dishes but will.

                        1. re: Mike V

                          Thank you Mike V, for such a quick response, you're the best!
                          I plan on going and checking it out in the next day or so, I'm also really interested in the new place, Dehli Heights........Have you tried Seva, yet? It's outstanding.

          2. Agree on small portions. Food delicious. Was asked three times if I'd like something to drink - there is a full bar as noted in earlier CH.
            With the smaller portions + a 4$ Lassi [thimble-sized], it's about 50-75% more expensive than the other local joints with the quality not remarkably more stellar.
            There has been some mediocre press for JACKSON DINER but let's be fair - their buffet is really outstanding, exceptional variety, often free masala dosa, and the usual great dessert as well. Besides, the seating is very comfortable. Astonishing value.

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            1. re: micheal

              Thanks for the update. The buffet price at Jackson Diner is very reasonable but not the Menu prices . The vegetarian dishes are $11.50, Chicken $13.00, Tandoori $16 to $24, Lamb/Goat $14, Shrimp Masala or Curry $18, Biryani $14. Nan $3.00, Tea $2.95, Coffee $2.25, Lassi $4.00. Cash Only.

              1. re: micheal

                I don't get everyone's love of Jackson Diner... there are more than a few buffets on the block that are great. Jackson prob has the best decor, but I never really felt comfortable there. maybe if the ceiling was shorter it would feel homier.

                Im excited for delhi heights. havent been there yet.

                1. re: Jeffsayyes

                  agreed about jackson.....indian taj has a much better buffet, less oily and brighter tasting stuff. the buffet at al naimat is also very very good, albeit with fewer choices on any given day

                  1. re: david sprague

                    I like indian taj's very very basic chaat bar. now if some place innovated a DIY chaat-fixin's place, I bet it would do really well.

                    1. re: david sprague

                      I like al naimat a lot. small but cheap. the biryani rice was a standout for me last time i went.

                      1. re: Jeffsayyes

                        walked through the 'hood' over the weekend; jackson diner's buffet was bumpin' but the food looked not so good; indian taj is my old standby but I'm getting sick of the food although they still have the nice chaat bar; walked to al naimat and picked up a pound of delicious sweets and also looked at their buffet, it was $8.95 for weekend lunch and the selection looked much much better than the others on the block; a real dhal mash instead of a watery dhal, two kinds of goat curries, naan and roti, and all the other standards (palak paneer, veg curry, chicken in a couple of ways, etc.) everything looking tastier than the other places. with that said, the place gets less turnover because they don't make the entrance very exciting so there were only a few people eating there; i think if enough people start going, the food will move a little faster. that, or get there at opening time (11:30am maybe?). I am definitely going to try out this buffet sometime.

                        37-03 74th St, Queens, NY 11372

                        1. re: bigjeff

                          For buffet, my wife and I have been frequenting Al Naimat recently. (Last year we decided we would only go to JH Indian spots for non-buffet, but Al Naimat has changed that.) Last week its buffet offered superbly flavorful malai kofta. And the dhal mash is wonderful; the palak paneer is also good. We really enjoy how they play Bollywood movies on the TV in the back. For a sweet treat, Al Naimat is our favorite place to get rosewater-infused gulab jamun to go.

                          1. re: James_and_Faye

                            ya their sweets are excellent; i really hope a lot of people start frequenting this place, I think it should beat all the other buffets on the block and start to make that back room a little livelier. any differences between saturday and sunday buffet? lunch or dinner?

                            1. re: bigjeff

                              Al Naimit is probably my fav buffet in the neighborhood. I also dig Mehfil and raja sweets - vegetarian ayce (it's not for everyone).

                              I think al naimit's biryani is what did it for me. everything is pretty scrumptious there. except possibly the tandoori chicken, that never really impressed me.

                              1. re: Jeffsayyes

                                raja sweets is pretty doggone good...they also do one of the better pani puri (my chat of choice) in the hood. have to try mehfi's buffet -- haven't been overly impressed ordering off the menu, but my visits were early on.

                                1. re: david sprague

                                  david, I saw your other opinions on good chaat in JH. you like this better than the eagle theater / paan vendor / internet cafe / momo vendor? and . . . raja sweets is the place on the corner next to rajhbog right? they have a buffet?

                                  1. re: bigjeff

                                    hey there :)

                                    i prefer the eagle theater adjacent place for chaat to be honest. i love raja is a little hard to navigate at times because the selection is so hit or miss, but the steam table dishes are often wonderfful, especially the dals and things of that nature. i've had a couple major strikeouts though, just fwiw

                        2. re: Jeffsayyes

                          I went to Al Naimat since I was in the area for lunch, and not only did I find it pretty unremarkable, it ranks pretty low for me among all the other buffets in the neighborhood.

                          1. re: E Eto

                            They started doing lunch buffets within the last couple of months. Looks pretty good. I am having a food group meet there on Sunday a little after 1pm. They don't get that busy, it seems. so if anyone wants to come and experience their stuff with other people, youre more than welcome to come along for the ride

                  2. Went to Delhi Heights this weekend. Had a great meal. Lollipop chicken, manchurian cauliflower and samosas to start. All were terrific. Main dishes of lamb and chicken likewise excellent. Their eggplant binjan bartha (sp?) was the best I have had in quite awhile. They offer a bread basket, for $12.95, which consists of about five different breads. It was a huge amount of bread and we wound up taking half home for breakfast the next day. In short, we have a new go to spot for the 74th street neighborhood. It is likely a couple of dollars more expensive than its neighbors but it is modern, bright and clean. Good service and the owner couldn't be nicer. Was actually quite interested if we enjoyed our dinner. Of course, I still have to get to Southern Spice . . .

                    1. Hmmm, after reading this thread I'm trying to decide whether to try Delhi Heights. I went to Mehfil a few weeks ago and really enjoyed the pakoras and the vindaloo (the special biriyiani was VERY bland).

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                      1. re: ZestyZ

                        mehfil is average imo

                        try delhi and steer clear of the middle of the road dishes. try chicken chettinad, chicken 65, some of the chinese-indian veg dishes and -- if you have 3 or more -- the bread basket.

                        1. re: ZestyZ

                          yes, I definitely hedge towards DH when they are pitted against mehfil. there is a 'meh' in their name for a reason...

                          1. re: Jeffsayyes

                            Went to Delhi Heights last night. It was not good, it was excellent!
                            Had the chicken curry made with fresh grated coconut, black dal, palak paneer, rice, garlic nan. The cooking was way better than it needed to be, chicken was very tender, flavors were excellent.
                            They had a live musician playing keyboard and singing, place was crowded with Indian people. An excellent experience!