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Aug 7, 2008 09:34 AM

I want THE best of everything at the cheapest price.

I have a very discerning palate.

For me exquisite food in humble surroundings, open air vistas, seafood along side make shift habachis make for the utmost ambience.

I once had dinner in a restaurant which was under a tree in Sweden, then I love Ghareeb Nawaz on Devon street in Chicago and Neapolitan pizza in Naples and the finest Cannolis in Sicily, and Argostine and Sfogliatelle in Naples and I also love lots of oddities from South East Asian cultures like ant egg omelet from Laos, Pho, Bun Cha.

So Boston, get ready to give me a taste of inexpensive foods that have exquisite taste:

I want to focus on:

best pizza, hot dogs, best ice cream, lobster, oysters and of course organic farm products and the best bread.

I especially love freshly made waffle cone where the cone is warm and has a good give to it and the fragarance of extreme intense dark chocolate ice cream permeates my taste buds.

I will be in Boston from Aug 27 to Sep 5th. I will fly in to Boston so I would appreciate a guide from

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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. I'll reply since I'm assuming you're from my favorite city (Copenhagen). You'll have to have a Speed's hot dog which isn't cheap ($7) but can last you all day (in a weird area beyond Boston Medical Center). Oysters at McCormick & Schmick happy hour or $1 oysters at Lineage in Brookline, or at the restaurant 28 Degrees in the south end or Great Bay in Kenmore Sq. (these are all special early evening deals). Good cheap seafood in general at Morses's in the south end. Ice cream at Louie's in East Somerville altho not easy to get by T so maybe Christina's in Inman Sq. /Camb. or JP Licks all around. Toscanini's in Central Sq. Camb is good but pricey. Best bakery is Canto 6 in JP by the Green St. orange line and interesting breads at When Pigs Fly in Davis Sq. Somerville or Coolidge Corner, Brookline. Pizza at Regina in the north end and sfogliatelle from Maria's Pastry around the corner. Good farmer's markets in Copley Sq. on Tues/Fri. and Coolidge Corner on Thurs.

      1. go to the the north end around noon on a weekday, head to galleria umberto on 289 hanover street. order a slice and an arancini - with your exchange rate, you'll barely notice paying for it. walk a couple blocks over to columbus park and enjoy your vittles with a view of the harbor.

        1. Quite a demanding initial post - I highly recommend you initially invest some time using the search this board function for the categories you noted above - there are multitudes of well-informed, thoughtful posts in pretty much all of these categories that will likely answer or narrow your broad inquiries. You can seek additional details or updated information/opinions by replying directly to the topic you are researching. Happy hunting!

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            I find the post charming and a call to action!!! It made me smile! While I don't eat sweets that often and cannot speak to the dolce side of your post, there are others who will generously offer suggestions... but for starters I will second Pizzeria Regina in the North End and add Oceanaire in government center for oysters - B&G in the South End is another good oyster haven. I hope you have a great time here and find all you are looking for. You will no doubt find a lot to like! Good luck!

          2. The original comment has been removed