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Aug 7, 2008 09:29 AM

Best reasonable places to eat in Wildwood Crest, NJ?

No tourist traps please!

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  1. Is there such a thing??? My experiences of WWC restaurants are they are generally low quality, poor service, and overpriced.

    You are better off hitting the road and heading to Cape May or Margate/Ventnor and or Ocean City (even in OC there are slim pickings).

    1. The Bayview Inn on the Lake has pretty good bar food. Marie Nicole's on Pacific in WWC is excellent but expensive.

      You could also drive 10 minutes down to Cape May for a multitude of options.

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      1. re: toro head

        I would second The Bayview for good wings, burgers, etc. (which is technically not in WWC, hence the full bar inside). I would also recommend trying out some of the places in Cape May and downtown Wildwood - in particular we really enjoyed our last dinner at Juan Pablo's.

        1. re: njhound

          Thanks for the info! Unfortunately the trip has been cancelled. Next time I'll keep it in mind.