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Aug 7, 2008 09:19 AM

1/2 price or discount bottle nights

i am compiling a list of places that have some kind of wine discounts on a regular basis. So far what i have is the following:

North - 1/2 price bottles on Monday night
Daily Grill - 1/2 price bottles on Monday night
Vin Bistro - 1/2 price bottles on Monday night and 1/2 price or $5.00 wines by the glass on Wednesday night

What else is out there?

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  1. Taverna's got 1/2-price bottles on Tuesday nights.

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    1. re: magicbus

      Taverna also has surprisingly low prices on bottles the rest of the time (given the neighborhood). Swanson merlot, for example, is normally priced at $56, making it $28 on half-price night.

    2. Eh, (Johnny) Carino's has Wine-Down-Wednesdays where bottles of wine are 1/2 off on, you guessed it, Wednesday night. Not sure what is good to eat there, though...