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Aug 7, 2008 09:02 AM

Are you eating Chinese food on 8-8-08 ... what and where?

Since that is a Chinese lucky number and the opening ceremonies of the Olympics ... it seems like a theme day.

I'm planning on eating at Jac's Asian Bistro in El Cerrito where every single item price ends in 88 cents. I'll probably go big-time and get one of the dishes that are $8.88.

Maybe the steak cubes and snap peas in xo sauce or baked Portuguese chicken.

What Chinese dishes are thought to bring good luck?

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      1. re: rworange

        Yes, I was thinking Larkin Street Deli, for similar reasons.

      1. re: CYL

        We're having a margarita party -- with tri-tip tacos.....

      2. rworange...i was thinking the same thing for Friday. chowdown anyone? 6pm?

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        1. Braised Pork Hocks, the angle of the pork hock is like putting your hand behind you back for pick some loose cash. So this dish for Chinese New Years or before you go to wage can mean "riches from the back door". So tomorrow night is good luck food. Braise pork shank, Fat Choy mixed beef and pork meatballs and minced oyster lettuce cups.

          Fat Choy a black sea moss or some kind of moss sounds like getting rich

          Minced oyster hash in lettuce is also sound like getting rich.

          Why go out when you can have home cooking.

          1. From the Yutopian web site:

            Eight- Ba Bao, Ba Xian, Ba Zhen

            Ba is eight. Ba Bao, Ba Xian and Ba Zhen all refer to dishes of eight ingredients. Bao means treasures; there is Ba Bao Tofu, Ba Bao Fish and desserts of Ba Bao Rice Pudding and Ba Bao Stuffed Pears. Ba Xian came from the legendary story of the eight fairies; there is Ba Xian Sea Food. Drunken Ba Xian refers to dishes that use a wine base yeast. Zhen means precious, e.g. Ba Zhen Duck.


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              XY, did you wait to be the 8th poster in this thread? Thanks all.