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Aug 7, 2008 08:47 AM

Samosa Cabana Indian Grill - New Rochelle

How's that for a restaurant name? I'm curious if anyone has tried this little spot at 560 North Ave. I went in to grab a menu and it's a sweet little place. They have several biryani choices, the most expensive is $6. Samosas are $1 up to $2. Mango and Strawberry lassi too. They call their cuisine "Indian food, redefined". That scares me a little. There's quite a bit of new restaurant action on that part of North Ave. I've yet to try anything, and hoped someone else had!

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  1. I've eaten from here several times and I must say that the food is EXCELLENT! It has it's own taste. It's definitely a MUST TRY especially for the price. The service is very good too.

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      Bumping my own thread here. I was in the area of Samosa Cabana today,found a parking place, and went in for some take-away lunch. I got the chicken biryani and asked them to please give me some heat. (I don't know if that's traditional for biryani, but I was in that kind of mood.) There's a generous amount of nicely spiced chicken over basmati rice. They include a small salad too. They added their "Cabana sauce" to everything (it's a yogurt based sauce) and I'd recommend it. I got a pillowy naan, as well. It all sure hit the spot. $8.95, with enough left to supplement my dinner. 560 North ave. Parking can be hard to come by, but there's a municipal lot next to City Hall. Oh! Lovely lassis too. Had a mango flavor, while I waited.

    2. Seems they've closed shop.

      I can't cosign that blog's appraisal of it being awesome (driving in from manhattan.. what?) but I had some good things from there considering the low price point. Kind of a dingy place though and some of the items were suspect.

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        Gee, I'm sorry to hear that. I had a very good vindaloo special earlier this month that fed me for two meals. They made a really good lassi, too. I never experienced the place as dingy and the people running the place were always helpful and pleasant. It was usually empty of customers when I went in, but I'd see take-out packages waiting towards the back, and assumed they were probably doing all right. Yeah, I'll miss having it there. One less option around here...

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          maybe dingy was a badly chosen word. i enjoyed having the option too and agree that the people were nice and the food usually good. i'm just saying the atmosphere inside was nil, it could have been thought out better, and street-view outside is bleak. that said, i was a supporter of the place.

      2. This restaurant is listed for sale on Craigslist. If I remember correctly, they are asking $50k.