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Aug 7, 2008 08:20 AM

Steaming Pis-Clams

New to the group. I am looking for a receipe and procedure to Steam Pis-Clams.

I love seafood & I would rather in this day and age cook it at home.
I live near Frederick, MD, but 1 of my daughters lives in Woodbridge, VA, and I found a source of the Pis-Clams at Wegmans in Woodbridge. They come in a net bag about 3 lbs at a very very reasonable price. I could not find a posted receipe here and was just wondering if someone reading might have one?

Please reply, thanks, Nedrog

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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. I have since found out that other names for the same clam is as follows:
      Manninose, piss-clam, long-neck clam, steamer, Ispwich clam, and belly clam, so that maybe my original title was overlooked... Thanks

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      1. re: Nedrog

        Don't know if i'd want to eat anything called a piss clam. But a google search will give you recipes for long necks and steamers.

      2. I get them sometimes from the Wegmans in Hunt Valley. I just wash them very well, salt a pot of water, bring to a boil and add the clams...cook until they open. (Save the broth for is yummy) Then pile em on a plate, get a cup of clarified butter...pull off the neck covering, dip the clam in broth then butter.

        What time shall I come over ;-)

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        1. re: crosby_p

          Agreed, crosby, but steam 'em (That's why they're called steamers.) in 1/2 in. water for dryer clams and richer broth. Also shuck raw, dip in batter and fry for fried clams. Or shuck and make some clam chowdah. I even shuck and use w olive oil and garlic in pasta dishes. I just gotta walk 200 yds to dig them. Eat some soft shell crab for me will ya? Doesn't exist here.
          ps We used to call them "pissers" because of the stream of water that shoots out of the clam hole in the mud or sand.

          1. re: Passadumkeg

            First soak them in a tub of cold water. This helps get rid of some of the grit and the clams that rise to the top should be discarded; they are not healthy to eat. Fill a pot with an inch of water and a sliced onion. Heat to boiling and add the clams. Cook about 5-8 minutes until they open and serve with clarified butter and broth. We call them steamers.

            1. re: greenstate

              Ayuh, some folks put corn meal in the tub of cold water to help purge sand from the steamahs. Dunno about the onion though. Sounds like sumthun an new Yawk Yankeees fan would do. A little rockweed in w/ the steamahs helps give natral flavah. But just don'tt put no tomato in thah or you'll have some of that infernal Mahattan style chowdah.

              1. re: Passadumkeg

                I am a Red Sox fan ALL the way, and the recipe for steaming clams with a sweet onion comes from a chef in Ipswich. I am talking about a big stock pot filled with clams and the onion adds a mere hint of flavor to the broth. Try it, you'll like it - promise.

                1. re: greenstate

                  My sis in MA makes a mean clam boil, larger steamers, onion, sliced chorizo, cayenne and enough water for a goodly amount of broth left for drinking. That's some good eats.

                  Then there's the joy of fried whole belly clams, don't get me started.

          2. re: crosby_p

            Is it better to just steam them in the boiling water, or to actually use a steamer pot where they would be in a seperate pot above the steam?

            1. re: Nedrog

              If you soak them in cold salt water for 1-2 hours before steaming I think it's best to use a steamer where they are separate from the water.
              They are also really good in a seafood stew/chowder!

              1. re: mrspl

                I find them repulsive, but DH loves them. I steam them in white wine and garlic.

                BTW, is it polite to ask a restaurant if their 'steamers' on the menu are piss-clams? DH has gotten steamed little necks many times, assuming they were piss-clams.

                1. re: anonymouse1935

                  The "correct' phrase is soft shell clams as verses the hard shell little necks.