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Aug 7, 2008 08:18 AM

Hyderabad house minneapolis - Closed? Changing?

Today I was driving home from dropping my son off at school and as I approached 18th and Central, noted that the sinage was off the Hyderabad House restaurant that is attached to the Patel's, prompting me to take a closer look as I drove past. In the window, I noted a handwritten sign on a piece of tagboard: Coming soon, Biryani's (or something like that).
Anyone have any scoop? Is this a totally new place? Are they just changing the name? If I recall correctly, it seems that Biryani is a dish of the Hyderabad region, so I am hoping that this is just a name change or something along those lines. I believe that the restaurant is being run by the same people that own Patel's, so it seems strange that they would close it or sell it to someone else. I don't think I will have time this afternoon to stop in and ask them about it. Anyway, I am going to be so bummed if this place changes much, because it sounded like they had a great lunch buffet that I was looking forward to trying.

Hyderabad House Deli & Restaurant
1831 Central Ave NE, Minneapolis, MN

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  1. i know! we were headed there last thursday and saw the same sign. aaargh! here's what little info i have-- when i spoke to the proprietor last, a month or so ago, she said something about a move next door, or to the other end of the building, or something. it was a little unclear, but related to them not having a printed menu yet-- they were waiting for the move. i believe that hyderabad house will reopen on the same block (somewhere), and a new place is going into their old one, i just don't know any details, and i didn't post because i didn't have the info.

    i would have liked to have stopped and asked all of my questions to the staff at patel's but we'd already buzzed past and ended up with a really mediocre taqueria meal up the street. maybe i should start a thread about the central ave latino eateries-- some seem very good, others not.

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      Okay, I took a closer look this evening when I drove by again. The sign does not say Biryani's, but rather Bilal's (apparently I just really wanted the place to stay Indian) and there are all sorts of Halal signs hanging up in the windows, which makes me think the place opening up here is possibly going to be catering to the Somali/Muslim community. Perhaps the new Hyderabad house is planning to move into the building next door, where the new Holy Land bakery will be opening soon? I do hope it reopens somewhere. I wonder what the plans are for the now defunct Burger King site too. Hmmm....

      1. re: autmommy

        i stopped into patel's and the proprietor there told me that hyderabad house is closed permanently.

        i am despondent. :(

          1. re: The Dairy Queen

            i know. and i never got my lamb biryani, and what's worse, i'm blaming dh, because he wasn't in the mood for indian one day when i wanted to go, so we compromised, and it was probably my very last chance to get to HH *sob*!

            why, oh why, can't regional indian restaurants seem to take root in msp? *sigh* what i wouldn't give to be able to track that cook from HH, wherever s/he went. or to have found the restaurant several months earlier. or made a point to eat there at least twice a week, or given them zillions of dollars, so they could have stayed open forever. i have so many regrets, poor little HH, you deserved better!!!

            *shaking small, impotent fist at the sky* :(

            1. re: soupkitten

              I feel guilty as I never made it there, even once, even though I always intended to.

              20-20 hindsight, I should have at least organized a chowdown. What other little places are on the margin these days that I need to visit?


    2. Oh dear, well this is dissapointing. The new signage is up for Bilal's. It claims to have the "best taste in Afghani and South Asian cusine". Not really sure what to make of that.

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      1. re: autmommy

        Chef son and I stopped last night just before closing. Had a very tasty meal. I don't know Afghan food very well, but what we had was really tasty. Haleem was the special. Chicen was finely shredded, blended into something like a chile or soup. Spicy enough that I made sure I had some ice water close by. Very nice afghan bread. We also shared the lamb tikka kabob. Rice was perfect. Dinner with extra bread was $20. We will return soon.

        1. re: autmommy

          I am addicted to the "mansori dal" there. (I don't think it's a very common Afghani dish? No matter how I spell it, I can't find it in association w/ anything but Indian & Pakistani food on the internet. But DANG, do they make it well. Wowie.) $6 and it comes w/ a small salad + rice or bread + cilantro-hot-pepper chutney, which I think is tasty despite its heat.

          Other good food--oh, crud; I lost my takeout menu. Well, anyway, the cauliflower was very good, and a beef & veggies dish we had was pretty good, too.

          If you want a snack, pop in and ask for a piece of bread or two. They're $1 apiece, about the size of a large pita, and will come to you WARM. (It does take 5-10 minutes, so I like to order it before I go shopping at Patel Grocery and then come back.) I meant to order 2 to take home for sandwiches, but then I had to go back and get two more because I ate them before I even got past Patel. *blush*

          I've been trying to learn some names, now that I know I'll be going back; I think Mr. Noor Jalali is an owner, whereas Bilal Jalali is a son who runs the kitchen.