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Aug 7, 2008 07:54 AM

Cafe Ventana St Louis' Grand center- good start

Had the chance to try out Cafe Ventana 5 times this week. It is just West of Vandeventer on West Pine near St Louis University. Beyond the space being beautiful the coffee is outstanding(Northwest beans) and you gotta try the beignets- made to order! Had lunch twice- nice, fresh, not too pricey food. They serve drinks though I have not figured out the theme- not quite a full bar, maybe just enough options to flavor the coffee. Beer and wine is available. Had dinner- the same menu as at lunch(different full menu for breakfast- if you can fit it around the beignets)- could not figure out if the prices were higher for dinner or if they were still adjusting things. The friends I brought plan to try it more at lunch- shame because we are often looking for a sip and a nibble after work. The will only be fighting the heat/AC wars for so long then the "sky light" and fire place should be a good draw .

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