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Aug 7, 2008 07:53 AM

Seeking good jerk spice

Can anyone recommend a good jerk spice and where I can pick it up, preferably in the West end (Bloor West/Etobicoke)?


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  1. For the best jerk in Toronto... head to Rap's on the south side of Eglington just west of The Allen. Ask nicely and they might sell you some marinade / rub. Or save yourself the trouble and just buy a jerk chicken to go right out of the smoking steel drum (in the early evening)!

    1. The best I've had have been home made versions from Jamaica, but for bottled ones I quite like Walkerswood or Grace brand, both come in simillar jars as thick pastes...easy to find, I know Price Chopper or No Frills will have at least one of these options...

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        I have to second that. I made jerk pork on the weekend using Walkerswood and while nothing competes with homemade jerk, for a bottled product the results were fantastic.

      2. I like Walkerswood as well. You can really smell the allspice. My family is not too big on the spicyness of the Walkerswood though. So I cut it with PC memories of Mo' bay