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Aug 7, 2008 07:38 AM

Tillamook - Any Good Surprises

Attending the county fair this weekend. Have any hounds found any positive surprises that I may have missed in the past, There is a taco truck near the DQ that I have been curious about. The farmers market has some good pie. Any suggestions are very welcome. Thanks

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  1. Last summer, I went camping in the area and stopped for lunch at a small seafood shop across the highway from the Tillamook factory/Visitor's center. I can't remember the name of the place, but I had wonderful crab cakes! I had to wait while the cook cracked the crab, so freshness was the utmost!

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      Since you've been to the Farmer's Market, hope you sampled some of Bear Creek Artichokes' products. I normally detest packaged pesto (I grow my own basil every year, so I'm spoiled) but I fell in love with their pesto; it's by far the best commercial one I've ever tasted. I know the seafood place that mb5070 mentioned, but havn't stopped in there. I always hang a right and head straight to the cheese factory for ice cream; Wild Mountain Huckleberry in a waffle cone is hard to beat!

    2. Way too late to help, but wanted to put this out there. Loved the chili at the Rodeo Steakhouse.

      1. The Seafood shop is Fresh Seafood Northwest. Be sure to try the crab cakes.