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Aug 7, 2008 07:35 AM

A question about wine pairing and osso buco

The few recipes I have been looking at calls for a dry white wine, but when I look at wine pairings when I'm serving, I see reds like chianti, bourdeaux, etc. Can I cook with a white then serve a red with it? That seems kind of weird to me, but then again, I am still learning about wines and the way they interact with food.

So should I cook and serve the same wine with it? And what is the best wine pairing I can do with the veal osso buco, served with sauteed swiss chard in garlic?

Help is much, much appreciated!

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  1. Yes, it's fine to cook with white and serve red. especially with Osso Buco. I like to serve a Chianti Classico Riserva with OB. For my palate, that is generally a good pairing.

    It does depend tho, upon what the flavors are in your Osso Buco.

    1. Osso Bucco can and often is cooked with a dry white wine... served with a red. It is an exception to the general rule.

      IMO, the best pairing with a classic Osso Bucco is a Barbaresco or a Barolo. Less expensive, a generic Langhe Nebbiolo or Nebbiolo/Barbera blend.

      1. Hi Pink.

        For my palate most rich red wines will pair nicely with Osso Bucco... that would include cabernet, sangiovese, nebbiolo, tempranillo, zinfandel, valpolicella, merlot, malbec, and syrah among others...

        SO, the key for me would be to find the best bottle of any of the above I could find. For example, let's say that ceteris paribus nebbiolo might be a "somewhat better" match for osso bucco than tempranillo. But your wine vendor can supply you with a much nicer bottle of tempranillo than barolo in your price range. Then I'd absolutely go for the tempranillo. Go for the best rich red wine your vendor can supply.

        If I could pick my fave for the dish as you're preparing it with the garlic chard sidedish, I'd probably go with a cabernet or zinfandel and prepare the chard with some finely diced prosciutto and a dusting to taste of parmesan reggiano, in order to bring the sidedish (which as it is is more white friendly), much closer to my red wine.

        1. That sounds like it would go wonderfully with a Brunello, even a relatively young one. I find that garlicky food wants a fairly assertive wine or the wine will get lost in there.

          As for the cooking with white/serving red question, I don't see a problem there. The only time I'd worry about pairing the wine on the table to the wine in the pan is if the wine you're cooking with is a major flavor in the final dish. Boeuf bourguignon for example. In the Italian cuisines it's often present but the dominant flavor of the dish comes from elsewhere, and that's what you want to try to pair to.

          1. Thanks all, for your help. I went to the LCBO last night (that would be the Liquor Control Board of Ontario...I wish we were more like America where it ISN'T a government controlled monopoly, but that's another rant altogether...) and got a recommendation there for a 2003 Chianti Classico. Hopefully it will go well.

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              pink... consider when pairing wine and food one of those trite sayings "things that grow together, go together"
              for instance osso bucco being a traditional milanese dish, first consider the wines that grow in or around that particular area. my first thought would be a sforzato di valtellina. nebbiolo from lombardy region vinified in a similar fashion to amarone (also a great mate for osso bucco)

              silly saying but it simply makes sense...

              1. re: bowmore36

                will an Amarone work with my osso bucco?

                1. re: cleopatra999

                  So long as it is not Dal Forno (too chocolate-y)... YES!!!

              2. re: pinkprimp

                Hi did they say why the wine would pair well with osso bucco ? I need this info for a project . thanks !

                1. re: kittytanmeowmew

                  Hi, "Kitty," and welcome to Chowhound. Perhaps you didn't notice, but you are asking a question about something written back in 2008 . . .

                  Not sure what sort of "project" you are working on, but the reason(s) one wine matches with a particular food -- and another might not -- have to do with its current drinkability (too young? too old? just right?), its acidity (higher acidity will cut through richer foods, for example), and its balance vis-a-vis the pairing (a big, heavy, full-bodied wine will overpower a light, delicate entrée), and most of all, its taste! (If you don't like the way a wine tastes, it isn't going to work with *any* dish, will it?)

                  The reason a Chianti Classico would work with Osso Bucco is . . . all of the above.

                  But more than anything else, you should keep in mind that there is NEVER a single match, only one wine that will work with that one dish. Lots of wines will work with every dish, and this is where personal palate preference (PPP), along with even one's mood (what you *feel* like drinking) comes into play.