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Aug 7, 2008 07:34 AM

Eating in Paris, your recs?

Hey all:

Leaving in a month for a jaunt to Paris and I'm looking for some eating ideas!

We'll be keeping it a cheaply as possible (and staying in a friends studio in the 5th) so while hearty, yummy cafe eating is great, ideas for things we can nosh on at home, on picnics and procure at local outdoor markets would be great too.


Cheese shops
Wine shops
Inexpensive, cute, casual eateries.
And finally, anything that must be eaten in September in Paris.

Thoughts guys?


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  1. Have you searched the board yet - these questions have been answerd lots of times, especially for the 5eme. Easier to get better advice if yoiu ask more specific questions.

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    1. re: PhilD

      Yes, I have been looking, but I always like to ask given how prices change, new things open, and most importantly... new users join.

      I found a great strand from 2006, but well, its from 2006!

      As for specifics...
      Best Cheese Shop?
      Best place to buy inexpensive, naturally made wines?
      Does anyone have a favorite open air market?

      Also, we will be there for a bit, so while the 5eme is awesome any other outlying areas that would be awesome? Like say for more ethnic or street food options?

      Hope that helps and keeps this strand alive. I would love to hear your thoughts and a dialogue with those offering advice is always nice too... :)

      1. re: likaluca

        Suprised that the most recent is 2006, there are lots of threads this year on inexpensive Paris.

        My advice is not to get hung up on looking for the best as a lot of the places in Paris are very good and trying to work out which of 20 cheese shops is at best becomes self defeating. Good cheese shops are expensive though - Paris has superb quality but at a price (my favourite is Bartholemy in the 7eme)

        Le Dernier Gout is a good wine shop in the 6eme it stocks wines from independents and has some biodynamics (I assume that is what you mean by naturally made). You will find these types of wine are more expensive than the mass produced/factory ones so inexpensive will be a relative term.

        Markets vary by the day - this link lists them:

        13eme is good for Asian food, around Passage Brady/Gare du Nord is good for cheap Indian.

        In the 5eme you are in the middle of tourist heaven/hell. There are lots of really really bad restaurants in the little lanes. You need to choose carefully.

        1. re: PhilD

          Best cheese shops Aleosse on Rue Poncelet and Marie Anne Cantin Rue Cler.

          There is a small but good bio market in the third with a wine vendor who carries lots of good bio wines. There is also a good inexpensive bistrot in the market The name of the market escapes me at the moment.

          1. re: PhilD


            There were newer posts too, but the ones that I was most intrigued by were older.

            We are definitely hunting inexpensive food BUT vacation is vacation so slurging on amazing cheese and/or wine is ok. Especially when we can bring it back home and save on dining out.

            I definitely spend a huge amount of time in NYC hunting out teeny little places that are far away but have good food, so I am excited to do the same. I'm definitely planning on getting out the 5eme as much as we can. Thanks for the neighborhood recs. Its fun exploring, so a general sense of what neighborhood to visit is most welcome.

            And thanks for the list of markets! Do you personally favor any?

      2. There are many great shops on Rue Cler, the cheese shop, the best is la Maison du Jambon. They have all kinds of take away foods. Excellent pates, meats, all kinds of things. There is the crepe man, too die for. There is a excellent bakery, great crossiants,buy a bunch stick them in the freezer at the aprtment and warm them in the morning they come out excellent. There is a small super marche, a fruit and veggie stand, a fish fish market, and don't miss Olivier & Co, they all kinds of gourmet goodies. They sell the best oils, spices all kinds of great stuff. Also they have the Cafe du Marche,excellent value for the price, you get get a great lunch there for about 9-11 euros. The food is really good, there duck confit is good and there goat cheese salad is huge, with two large peices of goat cheese wrapped in a thin crepe and warmed under a brick.You can not go wrong, and it isn't far from the 5th. Take the St. Michel metro right across from Norte Dame to the Ecole Miliatre and your right there.

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        1. re: kittykatkid

          <<...goat cheese salad is huge, with two large peices of goat cheese wrapped in a thin crepe and warmed under a brick...>>

          Most likely one of the worst snack I've ever had. The brick was too thick, too greasy, too heavy, in short, nothing to do with what you'd get a real Moroccan place.
          Since then, I avoid Le Café du Marché.