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Aug 7, 2008 07:22 AM

French Food Tax

Good Grief! This is quoted from the UK Times Online: "Gallic gastronomic icons such as brie, foie gras, pastries as well as dozens of other extra fatty delicacies could be subject to a 14.1% increase in taxes as part of a bid by the French government to keep its nation fit and healthy."

Are these people TRYING to kill me? This all stems from a rise in childhood obesity in France. Get real: Kids are getting fatter because, like everywhere else, they have adapted to a feeding culture that boasts HUGE plates, massive amounts of saturated fat but that leaves them hungry in an hour. Can anyone say Golden Arches? The fast food epidemic is just as prevalent in Europe as it is in North America, amongst the younger set. The older set? Not so much.

My great-grandmother lived to 105 - she ate cheese, foie gras, croissants, snails, all sorts of things that would now be taxed to death in a typically paternalistic effort to extend her life. Thank goodness she isn't here to see this.

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  1. <The fast food epidemic is just as prevalent in Europe as it is in North America, amongst the younger set.>

    Is it? or is it at least as attributable to kids playing with video games instead of balls and bats and jump ropes?

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      An (un)healthy combination of both is to blame.

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        This reminds me of the movie "Demolition Man." The government banned anything they deemed not healthy. The next thing you know the only restaurant allowed will be "Taco Bell".

        The funny thing is the highest obesity rates are in poor neighborhoods. These aren't the people that are buying foie gras. They're buying video games, because of a lack of safe play areas for their children. They're relying on fast food because they don't have decent supermarkets to buy nutritious food for their family.

        Here in NYC Mayor Bloomberg already had a bill passed banning the use of trans fats in restaurants and bakeries. I would love to know where in Crown Heights or Hunts Point they can buy brie or an eclair.

      2. I was just going to chime into this board with the same news (from CBC)

        This story mentions the possible exclusion of things such as brie, eclairs and pate, and the inclusion of processed foods. The whole thing bugs me, because who exactly decides what is healthy or not? Are we talking only high-fat or high-sugar foods? Processed? For me, some of those ultra low fat, sugar free items are the epitomy of unhealthy crap because they contain four thousand ingredients as fillers.

        Everything in moderation.

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          'Everything in moderation.'