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Aug 7, 2008 07:10 AM

Asheville, NC Casual and Higher End Suggestions

I'm meeting up with a brother and cousins for a long weekend starting August 14th and need help with local restaurants. We're staying at the Grove Park Inn and will be driving all over the area for golf. I'd like to find a good/fun casual spot for one night and a nicer (doesn't have to be "fine dining") for the second night (maybe steak). I've heard Asheville has a great downtown so any suggestions there would be a plus. Thanks!

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  1. try doing a search and you'll find lots of suggestions. In downtown, I like Doc Chey's, Sugo, Zambra and Salsa's, among others. There is a new steak place downtown called S&W...I haven't tried it, but my guess is it would fill the bill for you.

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      Skip Doc Chains and Salsas
      and go to the Noodle Shop and Laughing Seed..

      1. re: JKidd

        Bouchon is great! As is Cucina 24..

      2. I'd go to Rezaz in Biltmore Village for the second night. It's my favorite higher end restaurant. The first night, I'd do Mela (downtown restaurant serving Indian cuisine), or Early Girl (downtown rest. that serves mostly local produce/meat in an eclectic setting).


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          I'll stand by my Bouchon recommendation, but Rezaz is one of my favorite restaurants here. If you feel like driving a bit outside of North Asheville (Grove Park) and downtown, it would be a great pick for night #2. I'll also agree with the suggestion for Mela if you like Indian food.

        2. If you decide you want to do some "fine dining" consider Gabrielle's at the Richmond Hill Inn. The chef is just back from a stint at Robert Redford's Sundance Institute and is world class.

          1. Easiest to do a search as there is a lot on this board about Asheville and we can help you choose between your narrowed down, top choices. You will enjoy Asheville!