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Aug 7, 2008 07:01 AM

Dehydrator recs?

Anyone have any recommendations for a good food dehydrator, preferably not more than $100, give or take?

Here are some I'm looking at:

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  1. At < $100.00 I don't. Three(sibs) of us own jointly a large dehydrator,purshased from Small units we found were at best one or part season wonders.So back to Cabela's we went,for a large unit.We dry several hundred pounds a,meat(game) and fruit/fruit leather.Are having a blast drying tomatoes and peach leather IN THE GARAGE,no kitchen heat.
    This is a return trip to Cabela's,based on customer service and satisfaction with the smokers and vacuum sealers purchased by us in the recent past.
    You are only a phone call away from a service"person",have even been on hold while someone went to the shelf for a measurement etc.(spouse is 6'7")1-800-237-4444
    we tortured a small unit to death,over used because we like more than we planned
    dry stuff.

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      thanks - is there one in particular you recommend? any thoughts about the excalibur 4-tray or the gardenmaster?

      1. re: adam

        First reply did not load.
        Yes to the "Gardenmaster",my niece has one.I have met and used it.Easy
        to clean etc.Very good for herbs,best I have encountered.If you don't plan
        to use it for lots of meat (crowding/round)it's my choice.
        We did the 80 litre commercial,love it.A smooth work horse.
        Rain snot #3 here today,this device is soooooooo better than mould etc.
        Spoilage is a real let down.(oven/climate)

    2. I have a Nesco 700-watt and like it very much. A food board I frequent has many posters who love their Excaliburs but they're kind of spendy. Most Ronco owners hate theirs and either have dumped the machine or plan to.

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        Price is what finalised the decision for my niece,after a visit with both.