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Aug 7, 2008 06:40 AM

Azure- Lenox hotel?

My friend is thinking of doing her birthday dinner at Azure. I feel like this restaurant has been around for awhile, but I never really hear people talking about it (good or bad). Anyone been recently? Feedback?

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  1. It has been awhile, but last time I was there, I had an osso bucco that was out of this world. I think they have gone through a change in management since ....

    1. It's been a couple of years; I enjoyed my last meal there, but it wasn't especially memorable. I went because they had added a little bar in the middle of the dining room, which I thought was kind of unusual. They specialize in upscale, Western-style seafood; I think Cork was a brave soul to order osso bucco there. It's nice looking in a modern way, but something about it seems a bit hotel-restaurant-generic. The experience made me miss its predecessor, Anago, and its quiet, well-staffed little bar outside of the main dining room.

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        In retrospect, MCSlim is right, it was still Anago last I ate there -

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          It's funny you bring up Anago, as I recently had lunch at Chef Bob Calderone's Barnstable Tavern. Told him how much we miss Anago. He's much happier out of the city rat race. By the way, his food is still great, and we'll be going back this summer for his delicious lobster risotto (call ahead for special order), made famous at his original Cambridge location. His wife Susan is also still running the front of the house. I wish they were still here.

        2. Ive been twice recently and had a really good time on both visits.

          The waitstaff was incredibly friendly, knowledgeable, and accommodating to my requests and questions on both occasions.

          My girlfriend and I tend to order a bunch of apps or smaller plates and share them with each other over the course of a few hours and bottles of wine. This restaurant is perfect for that type of dining. You will have a very hard time deciding what to get.

          Cocktails are fun in presentation and thoughtfully prepared

          1. Had decent but not particularly memorable meal there. There was always something on the plate that threw off the balance of the dish - either the sauce didn't go or the side was meh, but you'd have a really good protein or whatever the center of your dish was. Generally that's how I felt about the whole meal - some really good food, and then some really bad or weird choices, producing an overall ok.

            1. Is Robert Fathman still there? I heard he's the managing partner of the Sherborn Inn.

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                Fathman is still exec chef at Azure, according to the Lenox's website.

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                  Fathman has actually left and is at the Sherborn Inn. A guy named Dennis Wilson is running the show. My impression is that he's been there a while working under Fathman and has just been promoted to Exec. Chef.