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Aug 7, 2008 06:27 AM

Buns like you get at Momofuko in NY but in HI?

Anyplace in HI that has anything similiar to the sublime pork buns so popular at David Chang's restaurants in HI?

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  1. You'd have to be more specific about what his pork buns are like to get a good rec. But generally, in Hawaii, local style pork buns are called Manapua. They come baked or steamed. My favorite manapua place is Char Hung Sut in chinatown. They only have steamed manapua, their ma tai soo is ono too!

    Chinese dim sum restaurants have smaller versions called char siu bao.

    1. The closest thing is kau yuk (pot roast pork) at Pah Ke's in Kaneohe is probably the closest thing. It's not "refined" the way Chang's is, but it's arguably better. Slices of tender pork belly in a slightly sweet gravy with soft buns. And you get a huge plate with more than you can eat for the same price as 2 buns at Momofuku!

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        ah.. so these are like the "peking duck" buns, but with pork.... yeah, Pah Ke's is good for that... had them someplace else, but cant remember where - mebbe hee hing?

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          KahalaGriller--I'll be on a hunt for Pah Ke's. I'm HERE, and still learning the transportation in's and outs. Had a time getting to Alan Wong's last night. Anyhoo, about the buns in NYC--by regular Manapua/shupao standards, they are tiny. It's the filling that makes them sublime. Pork Belly and a delicious pickle. They are all the rage with the foodies in NY and they are, as I recall, $12 for 2. Can you believe it? I'm really looking forward to recreating the Momofuku experience without the price and horrible music!

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            Don't know what your "transportation in's and outs" are but if you are
            on the bus it's probably about 40 minutes to our side home of Pah Ke's.
            It's right by Windward Mall. I live about a mile away and wouldn't make
            an effort to get there but it seems they have what you're looking for
            according to KahalaGriller. Bring a book along and if you come today an umbrella.

            1. re: VAfoodie

              If you're coming by public transit, be warned it is a bit of a schlep. If you're coming by car, make a day of it and go to Kailua/Lanikai beach as well. The pork is as tender as Chang's and the buns are great, but it doesn't come with the pickles and scallion, though you could probably as for some scallion to put on it.

              1. re: KahalaGriller

                Great advice for making a day of it. What else do you think should
                be ordered there? I just couldn't get behind the food there. I'm dying
                to try Smokin' Bob's BBQ again now that it is back. They had the most awesome melt in your mouth beef, pork, chicken and related sides a few years ago. Then we had various Mexican restaurants there and now Bob has fired up the smoker again. I was hoping someone has been and could give a report.

        2. Just got back from Oahu and had the good fortune of being taken to I believe its called House of Fortune Restaurant in Kapolei-its a chines restaurant right next door to Assagio's-anyway the peking duck came with buns just like Momofuko!! BTW-The duck was superb!!!!!! one of the tastiest ducks I ever had-and I had at least a couple thousand in my lifetime. Everything else was da bomb as well!!!