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Aug 7, 2008 05:48 AM

La Morra for Restaurant Week?

I searched the board for topics having to do with La Morra in Brookline Village but the last thread was from 2005.
I checked out their upcoming Restaurant week menu and it looked pretty appetizing. My boyfriend is Veg and I lean that way myself, which narrows our choices a bit.
La Morra seems to have a lot of veggie-friendly options and is in my Brookline neighborhood. I also love the idea of getting antipasti, primi, secondi, and dolci all for the same $33.08

The menu is as follows:
Dinner: $33.08
Wine Flight: $15.08

Choice of:
Greens and reds
Panzanella-Bread Salad with cucumber, tomato, red onion and black olives
Wood grilled potato salad with green beans, pesto and mozzarella ($2 supplement)
Arugula and zucchini salad with shaved parmiggiano
Bruschetta with tomato and pesto


Choice of:
Linguini with cherry tomatoes, herbs, fresh chili and garlic
Fettucelle with zucchini, lobster and basil ($6 supplement)
Tomato Risotto
Pasta alla Norma with penne
Corn agnolotti in corn brood with locally foraged chicken mushrooms ($5 supplement)


Choice of:
Spit roasted pork ribs with peppers, roasted potatoes and rhubarb mostarda
Eggplant baked with tomato, basil and ricotta
Half Wood grilled Cornish hen under a brick with zucchini and tomato
Wood grilled hanger steak with locally grown Russian red kale, potato-ricotta gratin and salsa verde
Wood grilled duck scallopine with farro risotto, grilled peach and aged balsamic ($6 supplement)
Pan roasted striped bass with cornbread panzanella, smoked beets and lemon marmellata ($6 supplement)
Wood grilled chatham bluefish with potato puree, corn ragu and fresh herb sauce
Chefs mixed vegetable plate with seasonal vegetables


Contorni ($4.25 supplement)
“Wards Berry Farm”
Corn ragu
Beets with aged balsamic
Potato puree
Zucchini and tomato with summer savory
Green beans with dragoncello


menu subject to change

(It is unfortunate that they don't list the dessert offerings, I suppose I could call ahead and see what they have.)

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  1. Or, dinner could be $55.08 if you added all the supplements! ;)

    You might consider Lineage, as well. It seems to be quite veggie friendly...

    1. It looks like a nice menu. I never think of La Morra during rest. week cuz they have a 4 course meal for $35 most times, so it can always be a good deal.

      1. Ate there during the winter restaurant week and had a lovely meal. My DC got the wine with it and felt it was a good deal as well. That menu looks great! I'd say give it a shot.

        1. I used to love La Morra, but the last two times I went there I was disappointed. In fact, we've been friendly w/the maitre d' and actually called after the last meal to report our disappointment (food was just OK and the waiter was not very good). I thought I'd posted about this back in Nov. some time. Anyway, do report back and let us know how it is. Would love to hear that it's back to its usual high standards.

          1. I went to La Morra for RW two years ago and was underwhelmed. Their food isn't that expensive to begin with, and their RW portions are smaller than usual I think. I think if you wanted to do really great Italian food you should go with a pricier spot like Dante. You'd be getting a better deal.