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Spots closer to Houston and Lafayette

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Not peculier in any variety. Anyone want to recommend any spots for dinner near Houston and Lafaytte. I'll be working in the area tomorrow...


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    1. balthazar, 80 spring street.

      1. cafe habana though its stupid crowded these days
        ed's lobster bar
        la esquina

        1. I like the suggestions thus far for Bianca, Ed's, and Nolita House. I'll add in Noho Star. And for very good (though a bit overpriced) Italian, there's also Emilio's Ballato -- home to quite an amazing cannoli.

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            Noho star is way over priced tho.

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              I wouldn't say "way" overpriced, though there are certainly items that should cost less. The place does go the extra distance for their food, though. The BLT with fried egg and avocado -- served with house-made soy-sauce pickles, house-made potato chips topped with fried rosemary and aioli, and paper-thin slices of lemon in the sandwich itself -- is definitely worth the $12 they charge. And the roasted garlic burger (paired with the same sides as above) also includes a whole deep-fried garlic bulb.

              Some of the desserts reach a modest level of greatness as well. My favorite is the coconut tapioca with caramelized bananas and strawberries.

          2. Lunch or dinner? I love Bianca, but I believe it's dinner-only. Caffe Falai is great and also has terrific coffee/pastries, especially the cream-filled bomboloni.

            1. I have very few favorites in that particular area, even though it is on the border to Little Italy and I love Italian everything! If you want to sit comfortably, have fantastic Italian, and see a collection of original art, even some rumored to have been created by Andy Warhol (who used to eat there all the time...) I would venture over to Emilio's Ballato on Houston, between Mott and Mulberry, just one block up from Lafayette. Also, see this link for a very recent review: http://www.inabbondanza.com/journal/2...

              1. I've lived there a long time. Here's my list.

                My best options, in no order:
                Barbossa - great paninis, non-traditional ingredients (eliz b/w houston & mott)
                Despana - Awesome sandwiches; all ham and cheese imported from spain (broome b/w lafayette & centre)
                Alleva - best meatball hero I ever had, little out of the way (Grand @ mulberry)
                Saigon Bahn Mi - They're $2.50 or something and way super yum (broome & Mott)
                Pinche Tacqueria - took a while to get off their feet but its great now (mott b/w Prine Sping)
                Soho Park - makes list mostly the green house setting tho fries are good and the chicken sandwich as well. I've always heard mixed things about the burger.
                Hampton Chutney - non traditional Dosa's. I dont go often but is good

                Crosby Connection: gets a lotta love, but too much bread for me
                Bianca: is only dinner unfortunately
                Habana: is more over rated than Cher. but the corn = good
                Lite Delights: avoid like the plague, I dont know why people eat it?
                Rice: food is a total snooze but people tout it, (veg meatballs are ok)
                Delicatessen: just opened, I hear it's yummy, same ppl as cafeteria