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Aug 6, 2008 10:38 PM

Simon LA

Any thoughts on this restaurant?? Just trendy---or legitimate?

I really want to know if they still have the "Junk Food Sampler". I've read some great things. A friend and I are considering going there tomorrow night just for dessert. I'd also like to check out their brunch sometime as it looks excellent. The dinners look like they may be a tad overpriced.

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  1. a tad? That's putting it mildly.

    1. Went there earlier this year and actually quite liked the food. And the desserts... just wow. Yes, they did have the junkfood sampler but we didn't get it. (I had some kind of ridiculous chocolate sundae with chocolate-PB&J sandwiches on the side.)

      1. trendy -- the food is overpriced and unimpressive.

        1. Dinner there is ok, but you can get much better elsewhere at those prices. However I cannot recommend the junk food sampler highly enough. I go to the restaurant and just order that. The thing is huge so if you're going with only one other person order the half portion.

          1. when i tried simon la about a year or so ago, it was definitely all gimmick and no substance - tried a bunch of items and all were absurd attempts at defining classics that failed miserably - the meatloaf especially was a dry tasteless slog - not to mention the famed junk food sampler which was only remarkable for its excess - the taste was not there at all for me - if you are spending this kind of money it should be for real food not this pseudo-retro americana gimmick cuisine