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Best tasting brand for nonfat vanilla yogurt

Not frozen yogurt, but rather the stuff one would typically eat for breakfast. Lately I've been addicted to having a yogurt parfait of fresh fruit and vanilla yogurt for breakfast, but I'm not quite satisfied with the yogurt I bought, any suggestion for a creamy and tasty brand of nonfat yogurt?

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  1. maybe not exactly what you are looking for but if you enjoy a particular brand of plain 0 fat yogurt & add a splash of pure vanilla extract you'll achieve the BEST version around. Most, even great nonfat brands, skimp on the quality of the vanilla.

    I enjoy greek yogurt. I have small container on my desk right now. Before I left the house, I opened the yogurt added vanilla ext, fresh blueberries and some cut up pineapple. A tsp of wheat-germ, flaxseed for good measure and into my sack it went. Fresh & satisfying.

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      That's the way I do it too. Plain yogurt, dress it up and you can take it anywhere.

      - a few drops of real vanilla
      - honey and toasted almond slivers
      - any fresh fruit
      - any quality jam or preserve
      - Persian yogurt seasoning

      My favourite nonfat yogurts are made by Astro and Phoenicia (Lebanese by way of Montreal).

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        mrbozo, pls share-what is persian yogurt seasoning?

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          A mysterious blend of herbs which includes mint and lavender. I buy some from Marché Akhavan (a supermarket carrying a deliriously large selection of Iranaian, Middle Eastern and Mediterranean foodstuffs). It makes plain yogurt sing. Also works well on its own as a breath freshener.

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            must investigate further...multi purpose herb blends warrant attention! Mint & lavender..wonderful. should I look for a particular brand?

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              Sorry I couldn't provide a more comprehensive list of herbs included in the seasoning. The 250mg container does not list ingredients. I buy it at Marché Akhavan (www.akhavanfoods.com) in Montreal.

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                Beautiful market. Do they carry my fav treat Ladoo? I don't see a mail order area, drat!

    2. I had some Tillamook french vanilla this morning that had decent vanilla flavor and appeared to have actual vanilla bean seeds but was way too sweet for 1st thing in the morning for me (I usually buy Nancy's plain or honey, neither is very sweet). 34g sugar in a 1-cup serving? Sheesh.

      1. I love the vanilla yogurt from Stonyfield Farms -- their lowfat is only 130 calories, as it's not super-sweet (which I prefer), and it's delicious. They also have non-fat vanilla.

        1. Don't know about the best, but the absolute WORST vanilla yogurt I have ever eaten is Oikos Greek style. Nasty chalky vile stuff. Bought it on sale; never ever again.

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            I've never seen Oikos in anything other than plain, but Stonyfield makes an unbeatable greek-style yogurt in vanilla bean, honey, peach and strawberry flavors. Definitely not non-fat, but it's super-thick and rich - our new favorite dessert with some seasonal fruit.

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              Oikos is Stonyfield's Greek-style brand.

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                My bad, I meant Cabot! Cabot makes the greek-style yogurt I really like.

          2. I love the Voskos nonfat honey vanilla. I don't have one in front of me but I think it's 110 calories with 13 sugar grams. A lot less sugar than any other flavored yogurt I've been able to find(Cascade fresh is another brand with a lot less sugar than most other commercial brands and I bought that before finding this).

            Alternatively like others here I just add a little honey and vanilla to plain yogurt -either greek or I don't ahve any of htat the Dannon Natural.

            1. this may not be a popular answer but Dannon Light and Fit

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                I'll back you up jfood! I had this at an office breakfast and thought it was surprisingly good. Usually I mix my own flavorings into plain nonfat yogurt (I care about less fat but am not overly concerned about my sugar consumption.) It tasted a little too sweet to me, but worked well when paired with tart fruit.

              2. I take the 17 oz Fage yogurt and mix it w half pkg of vanilla pudding mix and wind up w the creamiest most delicious vanilla flavored yogurt.

                1. When I'm in the mood for flavored/non-greek yogurt, I like Trader Joe's nonfat.

                  1. I love Fiber One Yogurt, vanilla and key lime favs. Not sure of the fat but very weight watchers friendly because it's high in fiber, low calorie and low fat. It taste more like dessert then breakfast. :-)