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Aug 6, 2008 08:33 PM

Fresh & Easy - New Van Nuys Location

As anyone familiar with Van Nuys willl tell you, this burb is usually not the go-to spot for anything remotely interesting or unique...unless you're in need of a good marble and tile store, in which case, even there, I think North Hollywood has us beat. So color me surprised to find a Fresh and Easy opening up on Sepulveda and Vanowen. It's housed in what used to be the most depressing, sullen, gloomy, and miserable Ralphs known to all of mankind. This is, most decidedly, an improvement. Also, it is an area very much in need of a decent, local grocery store, and, judging by today's grand opening, that need has been met.

The fare is what I expected from what I've read here and elsewhere. There are plenty of pre-made meals, and most of them looked quite appetizing. The Husband sampled the meatloaf and mashed potatoes tonight, and gave it a thumbs up. Interestingly enough, he felt the need to add a sprinkle of salt...salt being the one thing that is usually not lacking from store-bought meals.

We'll see how the turkey dinner goes tomorrow. It does look tasty.

I appreciated the layout of the store, especially the shelves that are less than six feet high, giving the admittedly small space a larger feel. Of course, it was packed today since it was the opening, but even then I was able to negotiate the aisles fairly easily. The meats looked quite good, and I was impressed as well by the bakery, pastries, and dessert selection. I know that some have made an issue out of the fact that the produce (bananas being the exception) is all prepackaged. I suppose if you only need one tomato or one potato, this would be a drawback. But I found that the selection was very fresh and in non-Costco sizes. For instance, I really only needed one beefsteak tomato, but, for the price, I was happy to buy two. I'll find something to do with the other one. Pre-packed fresh herbs are generously proportioned and quite reasonably priced.

There was a plethora of staff, and they were all friendly. Of course, this was the first day. Will they remain happy campers? Time will tell. The self-checkput was a cinch, and quite speedy.

There's no wine or beer at this location yet, and apparently some neighborhood committees want to keep it that way. Again, time will tell. Selection on some items was rather low. I, for instance, would have been happy to see a better choice in pasta, but I can easily get by on what was there.

I can say this with all certainty. The peach-apricot bar cookies are INSANELY good.

Oh, and the parking? Not perfect, but a lot better than any TJs I've been too.

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  1. I've been going to this store to take advantage of all the $5 off coupons they give out and I like a lot but it seems they have many identical items as Trader Joes but at a bit higher price. I asked if they were owned by TJs and they said no. Still....

    1. They are owned by Brit supermarket chain Tesco, Cinnamonkitten, not TJ's.

      I like the VN store, it's close to me, clean, well run, and easy to use for some good stuff. Can't beat the price on store brand garbanzo's or white beans below 10 cals a serving. I like that. The prepped food is good, they have a better cheese selection than a lot of stores and they sell naan in the read aisle like it ain't no big thing.

      Moochia, you underestimate and undervalue Van nuys. LOTS of good chow places and markets. On Sepulveda alone, there is Jons that fresh produce place, a spice/nut wholesaler, Dr Hoggly Woggly's. Pho 99 and the other pho place, 99 Ranch Asian Market, Hong Kong 88, a nearby Kyushu Ramen (right off on SW), Zankou Chicken, Sam Woo BBQ, and more and more!

      Around VN you can find Vallarta markets, El Katracho Honduran food, USA Donuts, Valley Hye Armenian Market, My Cakes Bakery, In and Out, Empenadas Place, Armenian Pizza, Lemongrass, Pico Pica Rico (I never get the name right), and tons and tons more.

      I have no clue as to why you would say, "this burb is usually not the go-to spot for anything remotely interesting or unique"

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      1. re: Diana

        Exactly, to the point that the mundane is sometimes harder to find, unless Walmart is part of the discussion!
        but I did not find anything special about that F&E, nor the one in Hwd. to make a special trip unless I lived very close by.

        1. re: carter

          Yeah, I agree. But I do live close by, so it works out.

          As for mundane VN, there are plenty of disgusting fast food joints for the boring people. About 10 McD's, a Wendys or Two, El Pollo Loco, Taco Smell, Carls , Subway, KFC, and so on. Plus about a billion really awful Sushi places.

          My Brother in Law hits all of these. Last time he and my sister dog sat, they left the stinking trash from almost every one of them in my garbage can for when I got back, and I had left a list of fabulous eating spots! I was ashamed to be seen with the wrappers.

        2. re: Diana

          Don't forget 2 gems on Van Nuys blvd....Puro Sabor & El Criollo.

          1. re: markn

            Oooh,yeah. Them's good eatin' spots!

          2. re: Diana

            I agree, Diana....Van Nuys may not be the toniest spot in LA but it does have some great eats. Love Moms for southern fried chicken!

              1. re: boogiebaby

                Mom's BBQ is on Vanowen Street at Hazeltine Avenue--the southeast corner. It is tucked into the corner. I have eaten there longer than I can remember, since about 1990. Enjoy.

          3. I another fan of F & E and their $5.00 off coupon. I go once a week and get their sliced pineapple, presliced cooked chicken, shrimp cerviche, tortilla chips and the non fat milk. My girls actually prefer that brand over the other brands.
            We tried the butter chicken and the meatloaf both of which we thought were pretty good. The carnitas was okay as there are other places that you can get a much better quality. Overall I do like the produce at F & E and shop there each week along with TJ's.

            1. I finally checked out both this and the Manhattan Bch. locations and picked up just a couple of items. One of my lads, aka BreadBoy, did like the unsliced French bread. Overall the stock did seem 'Fresh' but for me there was way too much 'Easy'. But folks do like that so it is probably a good business plan. Be sure to check prices though. Bean Sprouts were $2.07 for a 10 oz. pre packed bag at F&E. They were 0.59/lb. down the street at 99 Ranch Mkt. Over three times the price!

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              1. re: sel

                There is a 99 Ranch Mkt down the street from the MB store? How did I miss that?

                1. re: amela

                  I think Sel was talking about the Van Nuys Tesco, there's a 99 Ranch a block or so from it. And a Jon's a block or so up.

                  1. re: Diana

                    Thanks for clarifying my somewhat ambiguous post Diana!

              2. If only they could keep the peanut butter filled pretzels in stock!
                3 weeks in a row and they've been out of PBFPs!!