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Aug 6, 2008 07:49 PM

Cocktail Party : 20 - 40 people

Any suggestions for a location in the Boston or Cambridge area to throw a private cocktail party for between 20 and 40 people?

Looking for something fun, great food, great cocktails and great atmosphere. Nothing too stuffy and nothing crazy expensive. No sit down dinner, just cocktails and appetizers.

It doesn't have to be a restaurant either. If you can think of a space that does parties like this, than that would be great too. I saw a previous post suggesting the rooftop pool at the Colonnade Hotel. Know anything about that?


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  1. depends on when you want to do it, but a few suggestions are:
    Middlesex Lounge in Cambridge. Great big square space, moveable furniture, fun food that is incredibly reasonably priced, Dj area, tv screen, etc.

    Aura at Seaport hotel. Atmosphere may not suit, but food is amazing now that Rachel Klein is new chef. was there for a midmorning cocktail party/press conference...the apps that were coming out incredible.

    Cambridge 1--I haven't been to cambridge one hs, but one on boylston at fenway is cool space, for a group of that size could probably take half of restaurant, food good, reasonable.

    hope this helps!

    1. The rear ground floor area of Troquet is a nice place I've been to for this type of event - and they have a great selection of wine by the glass and can put together a nice cheese selection - not sure about the cocktails available there. The hostess noted how friendly and helpful the manager there was to work with on the event as well.

      That said, good caterers are likely to have ideas for creative venues for this type of event and with a specific budget in mind - Something Savory in Arlington caters very delicious food and owner Jodie is really nice and well-informed and willing to offer good advice/opinions - maybe give her a call?

      1. Great suggestions!! Hoping to do it in September on a Saturday night...nothing like last minute planning, huh!

          1. BarLola
            InnerSpace - yoga studio by day, event space when rented. I've been inside and it's pretty nice when set up for an event.