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Aug 6, 2008 07:18 PM

Kosher in Quebec City

I'm headed to Quebec City at the end of the month for business, and would like to know what kosher amenities (if any!) are available there. (Yes, I've been to, but that's only a front to a catering site.) Are there certified bakeries or supermarkets with reasonable selections of kosher food?


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  1. You can check with Chabad, but I don't think there are any. Have fun!

    1. Hi jbaltz!

      A while back I researched that very thing for a friend from Paris who is strictly kosher and would be travelling here with her husband (who doesn't eat pork or seafood but is more lenient) and their daughter. There is very little available, alas. The Jewish community (or communities) in Québec almost died out; there is a dynamic young rabbi from France now and it is growing - or recovering - a wee bit - , but I don't know of anywhere strictly kosher food is available.

      I'd say your best bet is to contact the Jewish Community in Québec City: There is a link to but that is a paid advert.

      Don't miss the exhibit on the history of the Jewish community in Québec:

      I'm sure the rabbi and congregation will be pleased to help you. Have a good trip - it is a beautiful small city.

      1. I was there on vacation 2 years ago, and there are not any kosher stores in the area. At local supermarkets you should be able to find a full variety of kosher packaged goods, {which is what we did} except for meat products; but you wont find the "jewish" brands. Sorry, it is a nice city though...